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About Us

We exist to ensure corporate sovereignty over shares and privileged information. We work against abuse of privileges and data theft by tracing the actions of administrators on networks, servers, databases and a multitude of devices.

Additionally, we had compliance with auditing requirements and the most demanding security standards, including LGPD, GDPR, PCI DSS, ISA 62443, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001 and HIPAA.


Protection, access and secrecy of privileged information are fundamental rights of any organization and of society as a whole.


To be the best privileged access management solution in the global market.


Helping organizations build sovereignty and security over privileged access and information by protecting the privileged access lifecycle.

Presence in the World

We are available in more than 45 countries and 05 continents, and our goal is to stop the abuse of privileged access inside and outside the organization and guarantee the digital sovereignty of organizations. That’s why we provide a complete PAM Automation and Security Platform that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle: Before, During and After.

Some of our clients




In July 2023, senhasegura achieved the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) certification granted by Privacidade Garantida. With this achievement, we further strengthen our position as market leaders and reaffirm our commitment to offering world-class solutions to our customers.



In the report released in August 2022, senhasegura is ranked as both Product Leader and Innovation Leader.  For the German market research company KuppingerCole, we offer “Human and machine entitlement discovery with useful automation tools for remediation” for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Dynamic Resource Entitlement & Access Management (DREAM).



Last July, the global advisory Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recognized the senhasegura solution as a Leader based on the vendor’s performance on the categories of Technology Excellence and Customer Impact



“While many PAM vendors address only a few PAM categories, senhasegura has one of the broadest PAM offerings in terms of functionality” and “We also see the company’s focus on customer service as a differentiator” were the conclusions made by the Market Research firm in May 2022.


We have been awarded with the Top Access Management Solution Providers 2021 prize by Cybersecurity Review, a North American periodical aimed at the decision making audience within the cybersecurity market. The publication considers senhasegura as one of the 10 companies that are at the forefront of PAM solution provisioning and business transformation in this year’s list.


Gartner also released the Voice of the Customer 2021 report, in which only customers using rated solutions voted and ranked us as one of only two vendors in the world to receive the Customer’s Choice Seal, which recognizes the best rated providers for their customers!


The institute has published a second report in 2021, the Critical Capabilities for PAM, which assesses the three critical pillars of PAM (PASM; PEDM; and Secret Management) and ranks us 2nd among the top global companies offering these capabilities.


Gartner, in its Magic Quadrant 2021 report, positioned our solution as a Challenger, in which we remained at the forefront among the 10 companies in the world listed in the report. According to them, the senhasegura PAM solution is the most economical in all evaluated scenarios, in addition to having been evaluated as one of the most technically advanced. The report also highlights our ability to discover and include privileged accounts, privileged automation tasks and having the highest customer satisfaction rating, which positively assessed the ease of use of our PAM platform, highlighting the user-friendly interface and easy-to-implement features.


This year, the German KuppingerCole ranked us as Leaders in its LEADERSHIP COMPASS 2021 report, highlighting our agentless architecture that allows for easy installation/configuration, preserving administrator UX and SSH key management; high account discovery capability, AAPM, endpoint MFA module and PUBA capability, which they say shows that we have a powerful PAM proposition.


In GIGAOM’s Key Criteria and Radar 2021 report, we appear as Challenger Outperformer and, according to them, “we are the only manufacturer that offers a fully integrated physical appliance, with pre-installed operating system and software.”


On the OMDIA’s Universe Report 2021  we were recognized as Leaders, where they cited us as “must-have if what you want is to use an HSM integrated with your PAM platform for additional security around identities and accounts using the system”.


We were recognized by ISG in their Provider Lens 2021 report as Leaders, where we were considered a “powerful tool, because through it the company ensures that environments and systems are only accessed by duly authorized people ”.


Definitely, 2021 was a fruitful year for our group. We received the GREAT PLACE TO WORK label for the second year in a row through the analysis of the global consulting firm GPTW.

What does it mean? That besides placing great value on the harmony of the work environment and relationships, we leave the doors open to the growth of our co-workers, we offer fair benefits, we are delighted with the autonomy and innovation that people from different backgrounds and stories bring to our coexistence.

We are a house of talents, nothing like thanking those who build us.


senhasegura receives the SeloCubo and is now part of the most relevant technological entrepreneurship hub in Latin America. On the way to fulfill the mission of spreading knowledge about cybersecurity and eliminating the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world, belonging to this network of excellence makes us very proud!


We are a Great Place to Work, according to the GPTW Institute. In our first year of participation in the research, we received recognition with prominence in several aspects such as: organizational climate, salary, benefits, growth opportunities, infrastructure, transparency in management and employee autonomy. Our Great Team deserved that recognition.


Recognized again by the three institutes as one of the main global brands in the PAM market, senhasegura started the year listed in Forrester’s Now Tech: Privileged Identity Management report. In May, KuppingerCole in its LEADERSHIP COMPASS (LC) classified us as a Challenger company, with emphasis on our deployment, that received the top score (5). Other strengths highlighted by the institute were: Easy to use and Clean interface. In Q3, Gartner, in his Magic Quadrant (MQ) report, positioned the solution as a Challenger, placing us at the forefront of the 12 companies in the world listed in the report. Along with the traditional MQ, the institute published for the first time a second study, in which we also participated, called the Critical Capabilities report (CC). The document, which assesses the three critical pillars of PAM (PASM; PEDM; and Secret Management), placed senhasegura in 3rd place, among the main global companies that offer these resources, which, in the words of Gartner, are critical for PAM.


We have been announced as visionaries on the Gartner PAM Magic Quadrant, recognized by Forrester as one of the world’s leading PAM solutions in their Forrester Wave report; and KuppingerCole has also named our solution as one of the most complete from the market in its Leadership Compass report: PAM 2018.


We have been listed again on the Gartner PAM Market Guide and recognized by Gartner with the Cool Vendor 2017 seal for our ability to integrate the PAM solution with network and telecommunications automation tools.


We have received the CERTICS innovation seal issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation. Also in 2015, one of our projects has been recognized abroad through the ISC²’s Annual Americas Information Security Leadership Awards as a prominent project in Latin America.


We have participated in a series of events in the security industry. We stood out from the crowd and conquered robust clients. We took this as a sign that we were on the right track.


The PAM solution is called senhasegura, resulting in the division of one of MT4 Tecnologia’s business departments and giving rise to the senhasegura brand.


The creation of the first national PAM solution starts. The basic design project lasted approximately two years and included the participation of several engineers and researchers.


MT4 Tecnologia is founded – a group formed by companies focused on information security, infrastructure automation, and integration.

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