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By industry

Energy and Utilities

Insider threats are the biggest problem for these companies. With their credentials unmanaged, if they are compromised they can lead to production disruptions and lost revenue.

Finance Solution

Financial institutions are prime targets for hackers and more than 80% of the violations involve mismanaged and stolen credentials, along with sensitive data of thousands of customers.

Telecoms Solution

With hundreds of millions of users and the revolution we are experiencing in telecommunications, we also have a growing increase in cyber attacks, making this infrastructure increasingly critical.

Helthcare Solution

Medical data is a major target because it has a great value for hackers, they offer a valuable asset that can be used to commit a series of fraud and other malicious activity.

Legal Solution

On the need to protect the information of its clients, law firms need to comply with regulatory measures and compliance for your data to be stored securely.

Governments Solution

Becoming the target of complex threats, both internal and external, governments and authorities need to follow recognized security regulations and structures, such as the NIST.

Retail Solution

Increasingly we hear news about data breaches and retail chains, in addition to major damage to the company’s reputation, financial losses can reach many million.