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Certificate Management

Automatic and centralized digital certificate management.

What it is

Centralized management of digital certificates lifecycle within the organization, from discovery through automatic scanning on websites, directories and web servers, to automated renewal of the certificate through external or internal Certification Authorities.

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Digital Certificates


Centralized management of digital certificates, allowing a complete and centralized view of all certificates and their statuses.

Reduction of downtime due to expiration of certificates or human errors in the publication process.

Automation of the certificate lifecycle management, as well as validations through complete APIs.

Increased security level of applications with secure certificates, respecting the organization’s security requirements and policies.

How it works

Digital Certificates

Creation, management, and protection of SSL digital certificates on senhasegura’s infrastructure.


Discovery of certificates in the network in an automated and recurring way. Certificates found during the Scan Discovery process are read and evaluated, allowing graphical visualization of any risk situation.

Use of pre-registered organizations, reducing errors in certificate creation.

Full control over the validity dates of the certificates under management, by automatically sending alerts in configurable periods for specific teams.

Digital certificate life cycle control, with automatic renewal and publishing of certificates. It is possible to automatically set up periodic renewal, preventing missing expiration dates;

Graphical display of the status of all certificates, allowing to identify, for example, which ones use encryption for non-compliance with the organization’s security policies;

Technical Features

Integration with the leading Market Certification Authorities to sign certificates within the solution, including those self-signed.

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