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Cloud Security

senhasegura protects the cloud environment in your company.

The world has changed a lot in recent years, not only in how business is conducted, but also in how products and services are consumed by everyone. A great deal of critical information is stored in the cloud environment. Although cloud service providers ensure compliance with requirements, how is the environment in your company?

These cloud providers can ensure compliance for your infrastructure and environment, but compliance with security and risk mitigation requirements is still the client’s responsibility. The lack of assurance and due diligence may not be malicious, but when something happens to stored data, the business is in jeopardy.

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senhasegura can help your company control risks in the cloud by:

Replacing encrypted and visible application credentials with rotating credentials for enhanced security.

Assigning individual responsibility for all privileged user activities.

Incorporating senhasegura into task automation tools to transparently provision new accounts through APIs.

Systematically resetting standard passwords as part of the provisioning process.

Reinforcing administrative access to virtual machines.

Isolating, monitoring and recording all sessions.

 Fully integrating and implementing two security layers for privileged accounts: both for the service provider and the clients.

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