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Compliance and Audit 

Compliance and protection for your company.


Improper access to privileged accounts is a risk that must be controlled by the Security department of any organization, and it is a vector of attack in virtually every invasion. Thus, it is not surprising that standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NIST, GDPR, and SOX establish specific controls and requirements for the use of user accounts.


Some of the PCI DSS requirements demand companies to implement controls that assign a unique identity to each person with access to a computer, as well as fully monitoring network resources and customer payment data.


senhasegura strengthens internal controls and reporting requirements for SOX compliance, going far beyond simply following the rules to deploy an “inside-out” security approach to become part of your organization’s DNA.

ISO 27001 

senhasegura allows companies to implement all the controls contained in ISO 27001 related to security of privileged accounts. Its centralized management and reporting capabilities let IT professionals, auditors and certifying staff easily verify the management and control of privileged accounts, thereby reducing the cost of these assessments.


Visual recordings, detailed logs and comprehensive reports work together to provide all the information the organization needs to perform evaluations on its systems and infrastructure. Auditors have immediate access to any event that requires further investigation.


With an integrated risk intelligence platform, senhasegura points out critical risks hidden in data to ensure the implementation of NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework controls to ensure business continuity.


The architecture of senhasegura, with no need for agent installation, allows fast deployment by the IT department and easy usage by users. senhasegura becomes the infrastructure access proxy, allowing administrators to know exactly the systems accessed and the level of privilege users have. In addition, all recorded sessions can be recorded for audit and incident analysis purposes.

Industry 4.0 

senhasegura, in partnership with Baumier – authorized distributor of communication products for industrial networks in Brazil – allows the implementation of a complete solution for the proper protection of Industry 4.0 and Critical Infrastructure systems.

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