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5/5 ★★★★★

“senhasegura’s discovery feature allows fast onboard of all devices and credentials in the environment, which improves visibility and security“

*Score achieved in the last 12 months. The 3-year average of consumer ratings of senhasegura (present on the portal since 2018) in Gartner Peer Insights is 4.9, as observed in December 2021.

Cybersecurity Specialist Analyst - IT Services Industry

"It is my first time learning and using a PAM solution. I must say that I was quite surprised with the capabilities offered by senhasegura. It is possible to configure lots of PAM aspects and audit actions through the tool. I consider that senhasegura is essential for any company seeking to keep their infrastructure safe."

Chief Information Officer (CIO) - Miscellaneous Financial Industry

"We have chosen senhasegura because it was the only PAM solution that met all our technical requirements according to our architecture and our Digital Transformation. During the deployment process and throughout the operation we knew we could count on senhasegura's Support team, which offered quick response times. We believe this is a long-standing partnership. "

Information Security Director - IT Services Industry

"senhasegura is a best-in-class product in the PAM market. At the same time, the PAM solution is simple to operate and full of capabilities. We were able to deploy it in a complex environment with 6 datacenters in 3 different countries in a very aggressive period of time. The support offered by the senhasegura team made a total difference in this process and contributed to the success of the project."

Infrastructure and Operations - Higher Ed Industry

"We've been using senhasegura since 2018, and it addresses all of our PAM needs. Its High Availability and Disaster recovery capabilities were very useful and offered excellent performance. Besides that, the Support team is always available to address any issues we might have."

IT Infrastructure Coordinator - Transportation Services Industry

"senhasegura has a large contribution on elevating the level of privileged access management in our IT environment. This refers to both our internal team as our third party. The tool helps us mitigating cybersecurity risks, as well achieving compliance with current data protection regulation and internal security policies. "

Security and Risk Management - Industrial Company

"Our overall experience with senhasegura has been quite satisfactory so far. Through the PAM platform we were able to properly manage all connected devices in our network infrastructure, from endpoints and switches to firewalls and servers. The use of the tool is quite intuitive and simple, and we never had any complaints from users regarding its usability. It is possible to easily obtain evidence of all actions performed (including video generation and action logs). The granularity of privileges offered by the tool is one of the best we've ever seen and adapts to a series of scenarios and use cases in the organization."

IT Coordinator - Finance Industry

"Complete solution and very intuitive use. Deployment and integration with other systems and our environment was very simple. It stands out for the ease of use with a large and multi vendor park like ours, meeting all our security requirements and certifications."

Special Projects Executive - Finance Industry

"The PAM solution senhasegura, hired as On-Premises solution, suits very well our needs for key and access management. From implementation to support, the experience with MT4 is very satisfactory."

Security Information Coordinator - Finance Industry

"We didn’t have any problem with the implementation. The tool exceeded our expectations. It fit perfectly into our computing environment."

Information Security Coordinator - Retail Industry

"This supplier was completely honest in his proposals and in his deliveries. The solution was delivered as requested by our organization. The solution demonstrated robustness and easy implementation."

Head Of Information Security - Construction Industry

"MT4 was able to provide a secure gateway and a secure vault to our provileged accounts. We were able to implement control to the following technologies: Windows, Linux, Aruba, SAP, Oracle, SQL and so on. The vendor support is great also, proactively working with our team throughout all the implementation and post implementation."

Manager - Services Industry

"The product implementation was supposed to be complex in a major customer. The tool worked very well proved to be easy to work on, the deploy was fantastic and easy to roll-out. Another achievement was the support that was great and expected."

Security and Risk Management - Transportation Industry

"senhasegura is a tool that has helped us a lot in the daily challenges of Information Security, after implementation it was possible to guarantee the perfect management of the privileged credentials, eliminating generic users and ensuring that there is no abuse of privileges both of employees and providers. services. The implementation of the features we acquired occurred in a simple and quiet way, with no impact on the environment."

Information Security Analyst - Services Industry

"The system implementation happened very quickly. The system is very stable, has a lot of innovative features and serves its purpose very well. The company is very open to system customization to adapt to each client reality. However, the company´s development still has a lot of problems: new versions are released with a lot of bugs and broken features, sometimes it is not known what the new version is changing."

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