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Machine Credentials Management for DevOps environments,
learn about our DevOps Secret Manager (DSM) solution.

Currently, the software delivery pipeline is focused on delivering high quality products and services to the market in an increasingly fast and efficient way. One way to do this is through the use of DevOps (Development and Operations) methodologies.
DevOps promotes a set of processes and methods for thinking about communication and collaboration between departments, focusing on rapid and continuous deployment, integration, delivery, and development.
All benefits obtained in the DevOps environment lead many organizations to reinforce the use of the concept for security reasons. Designed for deployment across all environments, senhasegura solution focuses on the automation, agility and control required to make the whole environment secure.
Through senhasegura’s industry-recognized Scan Discovery feature, senhasegura DevOps Secret Manager is capable of scanning the pipeline to detect sensitive information, in addition to discovering, inventorying and managing all secrets in the environment without the need to refactor code.

Machine Credential Management

Digital transformation has been increasingly accelerated and the need to reduce costs while increasing the speed of software development is increasingly evident.

In times of fast delivery and immediate results, DevOps environments have emerged to meet the need for high quality deliveries in the shortest possible time.

Due to this scenario, companies structured in the cloud grew significantly during this period, causing a significant increase in connected devices and machine credentials.

senhasegura is totally compatible with DevOps environments.

Some of the benefits of implementing senhasegura for DevOps environments.

Mitigating the risks of cyber attacks and data breaches in the DevOps environment.

Improved security maturity in DevOps (DevSecOps) environments.

Avoid sanctions in case of security incidents.

Reduced risks associated with unauthorized access to confidential data.

Simplification of costs with Cloud IAM built into the solution.


A DevOps Secret Manager solution makes all the difference for exponentially growing companies that increasingly want more security and agility in operations.

Scale safety in your
DevOps Environment

What are the main features?

The main features for the DevOps environment brought by senhasegura are:

Ready-to-use, scalable and security-focused solution:

senhasegura is ready to handle all sensitive data, such as passwords, API keys and SSL certificates.

Full visibility of secrets in the environment:

senhasegura’s industry recognized Scan Discovery feature allows the discovery and onboard of secrets througout the pipeline, reducing the attack surface.

Controlled and monitored access to sensitive DevOps resources:

Centralizes access to DevOps features for maximum control and visibility.

Cloud Security:

senhasegura integrates with the main cloud virtualization tools available on the market.


senhasegura is compatible with a number of operating systems, web applications, network devices, applications, security devices, virtualization environments, databases, directory systems, remote access and monitoring, mobile devices and browsers.

Centralized protection, management and auditing of secrets:

Automatic management and protection of user and machine secrets from the moment they are created. All events related to secrets are automatically and permanently recorded for audit purposes.

SSH Key Management:

Secure storage, rotation and access control for SSH key protection. SSH key management is centralized in the solution, which automatically switches key pairs according to your company’s security policies.

Access control with granular least privilege:

Helps your organization implement policies based on the Principle of the Least Privilege by controlling DevOps resources. Privileged users can access and limit what they are authorized to do with these features, based on their roles and tasks.

Application Identity (AAPM):

Possibility of eliminating credentials inserted in source codes, scripts and configuration files. Credentials password change on Application Servers (JBoss, GlassFish, WebLogic and others). Limiting access via IP, Path and Token API queries. Integration support for RESTful APIs. Java component integrated with vault and password cache to avoid downtime.

senhasegura is a sophisticated Privileged Access Management solution, schedule a demo.

Integrated Platforms

Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world.

The solution is recommended for companies in the following scenarios:

Companies with more than 10 users.

Companies that received points of attention in auditing.

Companies that need to reduce operating costs.

Companies that must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations.

Companies that want to implement the best security practices.

Companies that have suffered a security incident.


No Additional Costs

We offer a full-stack and plug and play platform with the shortest setup time.

Customer Recognition

Scored 4.9 out of 5.0 for a PAM supplier and received the 2021 Customer’s Choice seal.

Intuitive User Interface

This results in less training and support time and cost.


It even allows the connection of legacy devices, which can be developed by the customer.

Rapid Deployment

In just 7 minutes, we can configure and deliver software and hardware architecture in High Availability.

Support Experience

In 2020, 97% of our services were rated as Excellent.

senhasegura is a sophisticated Privileged Access Management solution, schedule a demo.



World Recognition

In 2021, senhasegura was recognized as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. In the same year, Gartner also named us among the top three PAM technologies in the world in its PAM Critical Capabilities report.

In addition, senhasegura was listed in Forrester’s Wave report for Privileged Identity Management 2018, which considered our access granularity among the best in the market. In addition, senhasegura was named a Leader by KuppingerCole in its Leadership Compass 2021 report.

Customer Testimonials

“As a big financial institution, we have a quite heterogeneous technological ecosystem, which comprises legacy solutions developed throughout many years. Considering this environment, senhasegura has been able to meet our PAM requirements and the mission why we have acquired the solution. Our overall experience with the solution has been very positive."

Product And Service Manager

Finance Industry

"senhasegura offers a complete and secure set of PAM features for password management in our complex multisite environment, including our subsidiaries in South America. The solution is also well suitable for our Industry 4.0 plants associated with the pharmaceutical industry."

Security Analyst

Healthcare Industry

"senhasegura offers a handful of PAM capabilities that can be employed throughout our complex datacenter technology infrastructure, such as network, servers and Cloud devices. It can also be easily deployed in a High Availability scenario, which is crucial for a banking technology environment. Besides this, senhasegura natively offers native integration APIs with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow and Jira Helpdesk, Another useful feature is the remote session proxy, which centralizes all infrastructure configuration change, where they are recorded and stored, which assures traceability of all changes performed in the environment."

IT Support Analyst

Finance Industry


Enabled DevSecOps at largest LATAM e-commerce company


DevOps Pipeline (CI/CD) with thousands of secret hard-coded keys.


Changes made without accountability caused more operational errors and allowed malicious activities to contribute with data leakage and unavailability.


  • Integrate senhasegura to DevOps pipeline with gitlab, kubernetes to scan discovery applications, access keys hardcoded and rotate it during deploy.
  • Integrate senhasegura to AWS and GCP to automatically identify ephemeral servers and manage credential and record sessions trough AD authorization.


  • 100% Applications and AWS secret keys mapped.
  • + 40% of AWS unnecessary users were deleted reducing the attack
    surface and therefore the risks.
  • + 80% Admin access recorded and audited.
  • Customer was able to accelerate their DevSecOps initiative.

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