Affinity Partner Program

We work together to deliver the best solution for your company.

The senhasegura channel and partnership program was designed for integrators, solution providers and technological alliance partners. Being a senhasegura partner ensures unrestricted access to technical guides, sales alignment, training and competitive financial rewards that are offered to our partners.

Why sell a PAM solution

  • Easy access to new clients;
  • Booming market;
  • High demand;
  • Significant financial return;
  • senhasegura’s robust growth in Brazil;
  • Growth of the cybersecurity market.

Why become a Partner

  • Solution recognized by leading voices in the market, such as Gartner and KuppingerCole;
  • Direct billing, without a distributor;
  • Commercial flexibility;
  • Exclusive support team for channels;
  • Compensation program;
  • Lead Forwarding;
  • Agile service.


  • Specialized sales and pre-sales team to support you in every transaction;
  • Sales Training.

Why senhasegura for your clients?

The senhasegura team believes that preventing data breaches requires the right vision to confidently mitigate risk, and the control to take clear and proactive actions against data breach threats.

As threats can come from anywhere, we have built a platform that combines the most effective technologies for reducing both internal and external risks: privileged account management and vulnerability management.

Why clients prefer senhasegura

  • Better usability and easy setup;
  • Global level solution;
  • Differential service in Brazil;
  • Competitive price;
  • Free from currency fluctuations.
Become a partner

Find out why senhasegura is the fastest growing solution in Brazil


We found in senhasegura a partner for delivering a PAM solution to our clients. The approach was not only by the technology, but for the synergy between the two companies and their visions. Companies who already trust in PBI use the solution, and begin to act professionally in Privileged Access Management. We are able then to meet all compliance demands and keep business safe.

senhasegura Partner

We are proud to have MT4 Tecnologia as business partner. Since 2014 we believe in the solution potential, which currently crystalizes with a significant increase of clients who adopt senhasegura as a PAM solution. Above all, we estimate MT4 for always look after a higher product quality level, and also on partnership relation – through integrity – promoting a win-win between the parts involved.

SUNLIT Technologies
senhasegura Partner