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18 09/2020

Cyberattack: another big company is a ransomware victim

Another cyberattack with devastating consequences for financial institutions. The target now was BancoEstado, one of the three largest Chilean banks, which was affected by ransomware on September 6. According to [...]

11 09/2020

How to protect your company from insiders threats?

Any corporation is subject to some type of cyberattack, and it is essential to have a system that defends and maintains data integrity.According to a report by Fortinet Threat Intelligence, [...]

1 09/2020

Best Practices for Proper Cloud Configuration

Through the digital transformation, now driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, we see a massive migration to decentralized, cloud-based models. And those who already use these models will further accelerate [...]

6 08/2020

Remote Work and Increased Usage of Cloud

With the increase in remote work, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and its social distancing, organizations have seen the need to secure information even at a distance. [...]

23 07/2020

Cyber ​​Attack on Twitter

Last Saturday (18), the digital world was shocked by another episode of data leaks, and the protagonist this time was Twitter. That's right, hackers were able to steal data [...]

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