22 07/2019

PAM And The Standard 62443 (Industry 4.0)

Since 2013, the market has been promoting a new industrial revolution based on the adoption of new digital technologies, aiming at the improvement of industrial processes. This is happening [...]

27 06/2019

All About Social Engineering

Technology and its concepts are not only comprised of computers and software but also of people who operate and control those components. Although they are part of this set [...]

21 06/2019

Robotic Process Automation

In the business world, the words productivity, speed, and efficiency are very common. These are some characteristics required by the market in relation to organizations, regardless of size or [...]

12 06/2019

Principle of Least Privilege

Today, an organization has hundreds of employees and each one has their own credentials, an user and a password to access the system and perform their tasks. Some more [...]

6 06/2019

Cybersecurity Glossary

The problems and aspects of cybersecurity - the set of means and technologies that aim to protect programs, computers, networks, and data against unlawful damage and invasion - arise [...]