27 12/2019

The New Context for User Identity Management

In a world where Digital Transformation - through remote teams, Cloud, and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) - is increasingly impacting business and people’s lives, new cyber threats are emerging as challenges [...]

13 12/2019

Santa Claus, PAM and Access Control

A few years ago, data was printed and stored in folders and drawers, rooms with confidential information were locked with keys, which were held by only one employee.  Today, [...]

6 12/2019

5 Lessons to Avoid Being a Ransomware Victim

One of the biggest organizational nightmares today is being attacked by ransomware. Worse than that is failing to recover from such an attack. In this article, we will look [...]

29 11/2019

Insiders Threats

Imagine yourself in a dining room at your company with colleagues and friends enjoying a meal. Suddenly, the lights flash and everyone's belongings mysteriously disappear. The only suspects are [...]

14 11/2019

So, what does Privileged Access Management mean?

Gartner, in its document Gartner Top 10 Security Projects, named Privileged Access Management (PAM) as the number one priority in security projects. So, what does Privileged Access Management mean [...]

4 11/2019

API Keys: Do You Know What Is?

Controlling access and ensuring the security of employee and customer data has been one of the biggest security challenges faced by organizations today, and this is intensified when sensitive [...]

28 10/2019

Machine Identity part 2 – Certificates

If one could travel back in time, maybe ten years ago, and tell about how many devices we have today, many would not believe how the Internet works today [...]