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Remote Work and Increased Usage of Cloud

With the increase in remote work, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic and its social distancing, organizations have seen the need to secure information even at a distance. One of the main measures being taken is the use of Cloud-based environments in the work routine, which, by the way, is a great way to control data from outside the traditional infrastructure.

A company that uses the cloud service has many benefits, such as process optimization, accessibility, greater mobility, and information security.

Microsoft, for instance, has seen a 775% increase in its cloud service during the pandemic, showing its great effectiveness in remote work.

What does a cloud service do?

The use of cloud has as the main goal to allow users to access any environment remotely over the internet.

A great advantage of using a cloud service is not having to worry about:

  • system slowness;
  • security certifications;
  • provisioning;
  • automation of processes;
  • monitoring;
  • among others.

Some types of clouds even offer functionalities for developing and running applications, offering an environment for secure and efficient development.

Is a cloud service secure?

In recent years, cloud service providers have invested heavily in the security of their solutions, which ensures greater security for companies when having their data accessed.

The senhasegura solution, for example, has a series of features for the proper use of Cloud environments. One of these features is the session recording one, which in addition to recording, stores all remote sessions held in the environment through the solution for later query. senhasegura also allows you to register the flow and helps to detect actions that are not allowed if they have been performed.

But be careful, it is important to take some known security measures to control users who access the cloud, such as the proper management of access and user identity, because, without this type of control, information is subject to privilege violations, placing your data at potential risks.

After all, the responsibility of the cloud service is to take care of the security against external threats and the responsibility of the contracting company is to take care of credentials and data handling.


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