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senhasegura operates in all sectors and verticals of the industry. Check out some of the companies that trust senhasegura`s team:

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Seven million clients and more than 120 years of history. A company with these attributes needs its credentials protected to remain even more secured.

Our unique service has made it possible to deploy senhasegura at a company great for its figures, its history, and especially, for its potential.
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TIM, the mobile carrier with the largest internet coverage in Brazil, is strongly focused on innovation, security, transparency, and process agility.

TIM has chosen senhasegura to deploy identity management in a complex environment, where the most diverse operating systems and platforms coexist.
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Tenda is one of the largest construction companies in the country. With a nationwide presence, they have finished over 85,000 ventures.

senhsegura was chosen by Tenda as the most effective in privileged credential management. Modularity of our solution was a key factor in the bidding process.
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Among the largest insurers in the country, Liberty Seguros has conquered the Brazilian market by meeting its customers’ demands for quality insurance.

For Liberty, senhasegura was the only one that created complex approval workflows of high privilege credentials that comply with processes with maximum adherence.
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Catho, a ground-breaker in the online recruitment segment in Brazil, has more than 7 million registered CVs and receives more than 3,000 new ones every day.

Aware of the responsibility of storing their customers’ critical data, Catho chose senhasegura to protect their environment and achieve audit objectives.

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Atacadão, a Carrefour wholesale company, has chosen senhasegura because of our flexibility to adapt the deployment project assumptions.

senhasegura has provided hardened appliance and made customizations still on proof of concept. Our service and pricing policy were decisive in this choice.

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For over 40 years, JOFEGE has been offering a wide range of integrated engineering solutions, processes, products for civil construction, and environmental quality.

senhasegura was elected to protect credentials and confidential information of JOFEGE in the OPEX model, enabling deployment with no great impact on initial cost.

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Rico is an online investment platform, founded in 2011. Its purpose is to provide the best financial services to a portfolio of more than 200 thousand clients.

Rico has signed contract with senhasegura after an evaluation period of our solution, allowing it to be offered at a great competitive price.

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MediaPost, as part of the mail marketing market, needs secure infrastructure for their 350+ senders distributed across multiple data centers.

The flexibility of our engineering team to integrate the solution with Cloud services was decisive, as well as the security of counting on us nationwide.

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Prudential, a global insurance company with operations in several countries, has chosen senhasegura as the solution to control generic credentials in its Brazilian operation.

The service speed and robustness of the tool were fundamental to Prudential in the process of choosing the ideal solution for credential management.

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As a globalized company, the Furukawa Group understands the necessity of identifying and developing products and solutions that meet client expectations.

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Dataprev is a public company that provides Information and Communication Technology solutions to improve and implement Brazil’s social policies.

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With millions of transactions completed every year since 1996, Cred-System is a company highly specialized in granting credit to various segments.

Cred-System business requires a robust solution such as senhasegura, which provides maximum protection for critical information in the environment.

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Through a series of technology and infrastructure solutions, Cetip contributes to sustainable development of the financial market and Brazilian society

The operations of more than 15,000 financial institutions and millions of people who use Cetip’s services are adequately protected through senhasegura solution.

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Rede is one of the leading companies in the national electronic payment market, continuously striving to offer increasingly client-focused services.

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Over more than 170 years of history and present in Brazil since 1976, C&A works with ethics and focus so that all of its customers are always satisfied.

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Colégio Bom Jesus has been in Brazil for 120 years to build an ideal vision of peace while simultaneously raising its education quality standards.

Ensuring that the computer center is properly secured against unauthorized access through rapid deploument with minimal impact on the client.

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Growing with simplicity is the key to Cooperativa Santa Clara’s success in continuing a history of more than 100 years running a long productive chain.

The challenge of the senhasegura team was that the entire production chain and its processes were not interrupted during the PAM solution deployment project.
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The Official State Press of Pará is increasingly investing in technology, in the quality of its products, and in excellent service to their clients.

The critical services offered by Imprensa do Pará need a complete privileged access management solution with agile support, ready to meet all demands.
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Seguradora Líder-DPVAT is a Brazilian enterprise formed by insurance companies responsible for the entire traffic accident claims nationwide.

Engaging the whole team was essential for the senhasegura project schedule to be run from kick-off to the delivery of the Project Acceptance Term.

senhasegura operates in all sectors and verticals of the industry.

This breadth of experience allows a broad view of our customers’ needs.

The result is the development of a complete and secure product that meets the needs of the present and anticipates those to come in the future.

Check out some of the verticals where we are present:

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