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Certificate Management

 LGPD – How to prepare for the new data protection legislation

7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Privileged Access Management

High Availability and Contingency

Digital Age and Their Main Challenges #cybernotes

senhasegura? (Considered a Visionary PAM Solution by Gartner)

Find out how our PAM (Privileged Access Management) Solution can help you

senhasegura  institutional presentation 

ISO/IEC 27001

Implementing Zero Trust

Presented by: Marcus Scharra (CEO senhasegura) e David Muniz (Sócio – Security Analyst senhasegura).
Published in: 07 de Agosto de 2019

GDPR – What is the impact for Brazilian companies?

Presented by: Nelson Uliana (Sales Director senhasegura) e Renato Leite Monteiro (Sócio – Baptista Luz Advogados).
Published in: 27 de Julho de 2018

Database management

Presented by: Marina Silva (Pré-Vendas).
Published in: 11 de Julho de 2018

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