Schedule a demonstration and find out why senhasegura is the top-rated PAM solution (4.9/5) among competitors on Gartner Peer-insights.

Request a demo and find out why senhasegura

  • Is considered Challenger according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant;
  • Has the best score (4.9/5) among competitors on Gartner Peer-insights;
  • Is sold in more than 35 countries around the world;
  • Is the fastest and easiest to install (1 day);
  • Has the best experience for the end user with less issues for the security area;
  • And is prepared for the future with the following modules:
    • Digital Certificates (unique in the market);
    • Cloud Identity (unique in the market);
    • DevOps & Secret Management.

Demo: 45 min.

In this demonstration, we want to know the main needs of your company and present:

The best market practices in the matter;

How companies in the same sector address this issue;

Demonstrate the relevant function of the product;

Identify benefits of a PAM solution.


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