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Finance Solution

With thousands of on-line customers and hundreds of financial services containing sensitive data, banks are a primary target for hackers, coupled with hundreds of third party suppliers and being highly regulated financial institutes are 5 times more likely to be attacked.

  • 81% of breaches involve stolen or weak credentials.
  • 91% of attacks target credentials.
  • 73% of passwords are duplicates.
  • 2 to 5 times the number of Privileged accounts then those known.

With stolen credentials a hacker can:

  • Breach Your Data.
  • Commit unauthorised transactions.
  • Hide activity by deleting audit trails.
  • Cause denial of service attacks.

What we offer:

Accountability: Privileged Session Management contained within the core PAM solution allows you to record, store and playback any activities that take place across your entire infrastructure be it hybrid, cloud or on premise helping with the legal requirements for compliance. Live streaming combined with behaviour analytics and alerting via our Radar management enable you to drop sessions that are running.

Improve Security Posture: The core PAM solution when used with the PEDM module ensures that privileged account credentials are secured at the end point, dramatically reducing your attack surface

Manage Supply Chain: senhasegura manages 3rd party access at various levels without      compromising security or their ability to do their job.

Meet Compliance Needs: Having a PAM solution controls access to resources and ALL national regulations mandate the ability to have this technical capability. Senhasegura conforms to GDPR, PCI, SOX as well as many other requirements of the finance industry.

Automatic discovering, classifying and provisioning privileged access and secrets: Meaning that un-used credentials are discovered, old accounts are discovered which means they can be deleted reducing the attack surface. Cloud and DevOps ready, by automating tasks that are prone to manual error.

Automatically Audit Privilege Use: Meaning that we aautomatically audit privileged changes to anticipate detection of privilege abuses so that anyone accessing the infrastructure is monitored and any suspicious behaviour triggers an alert so action can be taken.

Zero Trust Access for 3rd Parties: Whenever an employee or third-party needs access to devices managed by the PAM platform, senhasegura Domum sends a link for the approved access available to the final user, which allows instant and secure access to allowed devices. senhasegura’s agentless architecture with no need for additional software or licensing ;Access restriction based on aspects like geolocation, time or day of the week, and duration; Access workflows with maximum granularity, based on industry-recognized access groups.

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