Zero trust access for remote workers and third-parties with no need for VPN.

What it is

Secure remote access for employees and third-party, providing zero trust-based access to the company’s network without the need for VPN.


  • All benefits brought by senhasegura’s Privileged Account and Session Management capabilities, such as real-time monitoring, session recording, threat analysis and user behavior;
  • Instant, easy and secure access to employees and third-party with no need for login into the PAM platform;
  • No need for VPN or additional configuration for remote users;
  • Operational gain in the management of remote users;
  • Maximum access segregation based on granularity offered by senhasegura.

How it works

Whenever an employee or third-party needs access to devices managed by the PAM platform, senhasegura Domum sends a link for the approved access available to the final user, which allows instant and secure access to allowed devices.


  • senhasegura’s agentless architecture with no need for additional software or licensing;
  • senhasegura Domum allows access to devices with no need for username/password;
  • Centralized management with intuitive dashboards;
  • All session features such as recording and LiveStream;
  • A unique desktop screen which allows a centralized view of actions performed in the environment;
  • Access restriction based on aspects like geolocation, time or day of the week, and duration;
  • Access workflows with maximum granularity, based on industry-recognized access groups.

Technical features

  • Agentless and passwordless approach for secure and instant access to managed assets;
  • Totally integrated with senhasegura PAM security platform;
  • Zero trust access for maximum security;
  • Just in Time access provisioning for reduced attack surface.

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