Multifactor Authentication

Increase of security through multifactor authentication.

What it is

Additional layer of user and password protection from multifactor user authentication. In addition, senhasegura.Go! MFA allows user authentication in Windows sessions.


  • Increased security in user authentication and execution of tasks on senhasegura
  • Integration with several methods and devices for multifactor authentication
  • Authentication in Windows environments with no need for the user to input password

How it works 

Increased security in policies and practices on senhasegura through the implementation of multifactor authentication for access, execution of tasks in the solution and authentication in Windows environments.


  • senhasegura.Go! MFA takes into consideration the access policies available at the time of login
  • It is possible to use multiple factor authentication in order to grant users access on senhasegura and in Windows sessions, initiate remote sessions, and view credentials passwords
  • Consider aspects such as call number and time-based accesses in a centralized interface

Technical Features

  • Direct communication with senhasegura Access Management module
  • Integration with deployed GPO rules
  • Compatible with the following authentication methods:
    • Physical Tokens, such as Yubico devices, Digital Certificates, Smart Cards and RSA
    • Software Tokens, such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator
    • Event Tokens;
    • Time tokens.
    • Tokens via SMS or email

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