How it works

senhasegura securely centralizes all of your credentials.

How it works

senhasegura is a software and hardware solution that stores, manages and monitors all credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys and digital certificates, in a secure and tamper-proof location. Using encryption mechanisms, the password vault offers users the ability to use only one password to access a series of credentials registered in the solution. Additionally, senhasegura can be used to access all network resources through SSH and RDP protocols, storing all records of their use for audit and compliance analysis purposes. Its intelligence allows for real-time analysis of actions taken by users and alert generation to identify fraud or inappropriate action.

The senhasegura team is proud to develop a 100% Brazilian solution.

senhasegura working diagram

Password life cycle

Like many elements in technology infrastructure, passwords have a life cycle: they are created to provide users with access to their activities, and last for a certain amount of time before being changed.

Within this cycle, users may forget their passwords, blocking their access at times that are often critical. Deploying senhasegura reduces costs and risks by facilitating credential management within the organization and password policy implementation.


The main functions of the senhasegura solution in the corporate environment are:

  • Protecting the organization and high privilege credentials
  • Making the organization compliant with numerous regulatory requirements, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOX;
  • Streamlining internal and external audit processes;
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency;
  • Tracking important actions to discourage fraud.

Technical characteristics

Some of the system’s technical features include:

  • Ability to securely store a series of credentials, from SSL certificates to social network passwords;
  • Automatic discovery of devices and user accounts in the corporate network;
  • Delivery of the authenticated session without exposing the user’s password;
  • All sessions provided by senhasegura may be recorded on video;
  • Automatic password change;
  • Access to a resource via email or SMS authorization;
  • Protection of hardcoded passwords or configuration files;
  • Use of SSH clients;
  • SSH and Telnet command audit;
  • Custody of multi-user passwords;

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