Task Management

Secured privileged task management.

What it is

User action management on devices, allowing a user to execute a specific task without the need of password granting or privileged session authorization.


  • Enforcement of the least minimum privilege concept, required to perform privileged tasks;
  • Automating privileged tasks with authorized settings for environment executions;
  • Enables the secure execution of critical security tasks by less specialized resources;
  • Securely authorize privileged actions that will be performed on the devices.

How it works 

O senhasegura Task Management allows privileged task management on devices. From the automation of privileged tasks, it is possible to assign only the necessary permissions so that any user can perform critical activities in the environment in a secure way.


  • Authorize profiles and execute actions from the Function Panel, according to users and departments;
  • Segregation of features and controls, avoiding single administrator in management.
  • Configuration of which privileged actions and users should follow access workflows to execute;
  • Monitoring of all runs performed on the environment through run logs;
  • Creation and approval of task configuration templates for users to run;
  • Privileged execution of actions manually, automatically, by unit or batch;
  • Sending actions and privileged executions notifications via email or SIEM;
  • Support for multiple protocols and APIs.

Technical features

  • Support for SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC, RPC, WMI, LDAPS and HTTPS, X11 protocols.

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