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Management of Privileged Accesses

Senhasegura has a team of specialized and experienced professionals who become a part of the implementation of access management solutions in several verticals in the market.

This experience allows us to design the ideal solution to meet compliance audit requirements or to eliminate imminent threats related to access management, with less user resistance and greater support to security areas.

Some of our advisory activities are:

  • Introduction of Best Practices;
  • Access Management Maturity;
  • Structured Mapping of Critical Assets and Applications;
  • Access Management Policy Design;
  • Deployment Architecture Design;
  • Deployment Recommendations;
  • General Recommendations;
  • Assessment for Diagnosis.

PAM 360º

PAM 360º is a consultative approach for diagnosing maturity in privileged credential management. As a primary result, the company receives recommendations and guidance on how to deploy a fully agnostic privileged access management solution.

Techtalk PAM

Access management is currently one of the fastest growing security areas due to the criticality of these accesses. Companies that wish to highlight the relevance to the topic of privileged access management, senhasegura has an agnostic orientation workshop on the theme, its importance and its impacts to the company and employees, main concepts, and trends.

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Defined by the Client

Audience: Technical Areas Users


  • Privileged Access Management;
  • Basic Concepts;
  • Real Cases;
  • Technical Characteristics;
  • Attention Points;
  • Impacts to Users;
  • Benefits for Users and Organizations;
  • Legal Aspects.

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