Technical Information

We cover the complete lifecycle of privileged access management: before, during, and after an access

We work to Stop Abuse of Privilege

We use the RUV (Request, Use, and Verify) method to continuously improve security through the management of the complete lifecycle of privileged access.

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RUV (Request, Use, and Verify) method


Identify Access

Identity assurance by access governance and identity management certificates.


Machine Identify

Manage human and machine privileged access, including 3rd party and endpoints.


Audit Previous Actions

Automatically audit changes in settings made by privileged users after sessions have been finished.


The senhasegura architecture offers the highest technology available.


senhasegura is designed to be fully integrated with the infrastructure.


Full protection assured for all types of threats.

PAM Crypto Appliance

For companies that want a higher level of security, guaranteed performance, and a centralized software and hardware support service, senhasegura offers a set of appliances sized for each need, depending on the number of concurrent users and the desired recording time.

PAM Crypto Virtual Appliance

For clients who have virtualization infrastructure and wish to choose the architecture plan, senhasegura has the Virtual PAM Crypto Appliance solution, designed to run in virtual or cloud environments and ensure the necessary security and performance requirements for such a solution.

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