Why a PAM solution?

The reasons to implement senhasegura in your company.

Exposure and misuse of privileged accounts are extremely inviting to cyberattacks. In recent attacks on corporations of all sizes, intruders stole and exploited privileged accounts to take hostile control of the entire company’s infrastructure.

Consequently, hackers can explore the whole virtual space, literally moving across the corporate network without being detected, and thus achieve the purpose of the attack.

Here are some of the advantages of deploying a PAM solution such as senhasegura:

  • To protect organization and high privilege credentials: to complete attacks, attackers will always need a high privilege credential;
  • To have the organization in compliance with numerous regulations: in order to convey confidence to its clients and investors, businesses must comply with various regulations;
  • To increase productivity and efficiency: manage access and reset passwords easily.
  • To discourage fraud and track important actions: Monitoring, recording actions and access to high-value assets, ensuring total awareness of everything that happens in the organization’s digital environment.

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