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We cover the complete lifecycle of privileged access management: before, during, and after an access

It all started when the sixth largest bank in the world approached us to solve its problem of managing privileged access to its critical infrastructure.

Our PAM platform for automation and security of the complete lifecycle of privileged access is designed to:

PAM is hard and platforms are often difficult to manage.
  • Complexity leads to underutilized PAM investments.
  • False perception of security and risk reduction.
  • Plans to roll out expanded PAM capabilities are often delayed or scrapped.

How does senhasegura helps?

  • Intuitive UI and easiest to deploy – easy to navigate, it takes 7 minutes to deploy, excellent support and training if you need extra help.
  • 100% success rate – We work with our clients to ensure a successful deployment and integration into custom environments.
Increasing complexity and volume of privileged accounts requiring management.
  • DevOps teams need a secure and efficient framework to support agile digital production.
  • Automation only works if configurations are complied with the correct policies.
  • Machine access has exponentially increased the volume of privileged access requests.

How does senhasegura helps?

  • Automate Privileged Tasks – reduce the attack surface and therefore the risks by deleting unnecessary users.
  • Certificate’s Lifecycle Management – use integration with the main Certificate Authorities to automatically sign the certificates from inside the organization to reduces outages and increase efficiency.
  • Automatically audits – enable rapid incident response and reduce operational costs.
Organizations increasingly need to manage privileged credentials for 3rd party systems to access their critical infrastructure.
  • The requirement to provide remote access expands the attack surface for privilege abuse.

How does senhasegura helps?

  • senhasegura fully manages all 3rd party connections within their infrastructure, so the customer does not have to have VPN.
  • Just in Time Password – we deliver a single credential with a specific set of privilege that it’ll be changed once the user completes its tasks, enabling access and reducing risk.
Cost prohibitive to resolve technical debt by bringing infrastructure legacy systems under PAM program.
  • The challenge and investment costs to support infrastructure changes with an incumbent PAM solution often curtail risk reduction efforts before they get started.
  • Customers have prioritized selection of those PAM platforms that can be easily and openly integrated to ensure success.

How does senhasegura helps?

  • An Open Integration System – we have a constantly growing open set of over 174 easy to use integration connectors, which is why the market recognizes senhasegura as the most seamless deployment experience.
  • No Legacy Infrastructure left behind – our commitment to integrate our platform with every legacy system is appreciated by our customer base, making it the easy (and cheap) choice to select and stay with our PAM solution.

We work to Stop Abuse of Privilege

We use the RUV (Request, Use, and Verify) method to continuously improve security through the management of the complete lifecycle of privileged access.

RUV (Request, Use, and Verify) method


Identify Access

Identity assurance by access governance and identity management certificates.


Machine Identify

Manage human and machine privileged access, including 3rd party and endpoints.


Audit Previous Actions

Automatically audit changes in settings made by privileged users after sessions have been finished.


The senhasegura architecture offers the highest technology available.



senhasegura is designed to be fully integrated with the infrastructure.



Full protection assured for all types of threats.


PAM Crypto Appliance

For companies that want a higher level of security, guaranteed performance, and a centralized software and hardware support service, senhasegura offers a set of appliances sized for each need, depending on the number of concurrent users and the desired recording time.


PAM Crypto Virtual Appliance

For clients who have virtualization infrastructure and wish to choose the architecture plan, senhasegura has the Virtual PAM Crypto Appliance solution, designed to run in virtual or cloud environments and ensure the necessary security and performance requirements for such a solution.


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