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End of Life

senhasegura End of Life.


End of Life

Date on which senhasegura will stop to develop fixes for bugs for the correspondent version.

End of Support

Date on which senhasegura will no longer offer support for the correspondent version.

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Application Version
End of Life End of Support
v3.21 v3.21 Aug/22 Feb/24
v3.20 v3.20 May/22 Nov/23
v3.18 v3.18 Apr/22 Oct/23
v3.16 v3.16 Feb/22 Aug/23
v3.14 v3.14 Dec/21 Jun/23
v3.12 v3.0.16 Sep/21 Mar/23
v3.10 v3.0.15 Jul/21 Jan/23
v3.8 v3.0.15 May/21 Nov/22
v3.6 v3.0.14 Mar/21 Sep/22
v3.4 v3.0.12 Feb/21 Aug/22
v3.2 v3.0.11 Dec/20 Jun/22
v3.0 v3.0.10 Jul/20 Jan/22
v2.6.x v2.x Mar/20 Sep/21

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