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Privilege Management Linux

Restrict user privileges on Linux endpoints.

What it is

senhasegura.Go for Linux allows the execution of Run As function on local endpoints to execute applications that requires privileges.

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Credential Management


senhasegura.go allows segregating access to sensitive information, isolating critical environments and correlating events to identify any suspicious behavior. It is possible to avoid data leaks, one of the greatest challenges in privileged users management.

Additional security layer over tools like ACL, PAM, SELinux and sudo, with no need to recompile the kernel, acting directly like LSM (Linux Security Machines).

All requests for administrative credentials are recorded in session logs, allowing greater traceability of user actions and greater ability to audit privileged activities and actions.

Control of authorized, notified and blocked action lists, with different permissions for each user, reducing risks associated with the installation of malicious software and privilege abuse, which can compromise the environment.

Overcome the challenges of implementing regulatory controls such as PCI, ISO, SOX, GDPR, and NIST, with automation of privileged access controls to achieve maturity in the audited processes.

How it works

Applications authorized to use this type of privilege elevation are previously listed in the solution, and their use restricted to authorized users.


It is possible to invoke administrative privileges to execute applications, considering control by lists of actions authorized for execution.

Allows the user to provide a token-generated value to authenticate to the device.

Recording of sudo actions to meet audit requirements.

Integration of Linux login information into group policies. In this case, it is possible to validate each authentication performed by time, calls, authorizations, and additional group policies.

Execution and automated access to applications through automation macros with actions predefined by the environment administrator.

Technical Features

A local agent is able to start applications by automatically inputting credentials.

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