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Learn about our implementation and consulting process for the use of the senhasegura solution in your company. Deploying a PAM solution doesn’t have to be complex!

An organization today may have a hybrid, multi-cloud environment that is constantly changing and growing. Attention is needed at this point, always seeking to centralize data in order to facilitate control.

In addition to its primary role of ensuring confidentiality and privacy, information security also aims to manage and control the processing, storage, sharing and distribution of that data.

Thus, in the business environment, for example, information security seeks to apply security practices and policies that ensure the integrity of corporate information, preventing possible attacks, data leaks, among other threats that could harm the company.

To achieve these goals with greater completeness, we offer two complementary services to the use of the senhasegura tool. Check out the Deployment and Consulting service below.


Deploying a Privileged Access Management solution doesn’t have to be complex. As the solution changes as critical resources are accessed, it is more than natural to face resistance and fear of unavailability among users.

That’s why we’ve developed a deployment roadmap to ensure greater user involvement and security in the process.

The process can be safely performed by our team of certified partners and resellers.

The entire deployment is divided into the following steps:





                Appliance Fisico


                Appliance Fisico




Treinamento e Capacitação

Training and

Certificação e Ativação do ambiente

and Activation

Roll out

Roll out

Operação assistida



Introduction of teams, project scope and and definition of focal points.


Based on the company’s need and the mission of the project, the best approach is designed for installation, configuration and go-live process. In addition to strategies, architecture issues, operational installation plan and requirements are defined.

Physical Appliance Installation

For customers opting for physical appliance solutions (PAM Crypto Appliance), installation activities include:

  • Removing equipment from boxes;
  • Physical installation on racks;
  • Connecting the network and power cables;
  • Organizing wiring;
  • Configuring Management IPs;
  • Connectivity Tests;
  • Monitoring;
  • Power source redundancy tests;
  • Preliminary high availability tests.

Virtual Appliance Installation

This consists of installing Virtual Appliances in the client’s virtualization system or on physical appliances, starting the following activities:

  • Updated virtual machine upload;
  • Basic network configurations;
  • License Activation;
  • Monitoring.

Logical Configuration

This consists of configuring the application itself:

  • Registration of administrator users;
  • Integrating authentication with Active Directory, LDAP, Radius, TACACS and Digital Certificates;
  • Integration with email for notifications;
  • Integration with SYSLOG;
  • Configuring backup environment;
  • Configuring critical information backup;
  • Integration testing;
  • Access testing for managed devices;
  • Testing managed device password change.

Policy Configuration

  • User registration;
  • User profiles;
  • Registration of managed assets;
  • Creation of user access policies;
  • Password policies;
  • Policy integration with Active Directory.

Training and Qualification

Once the environment is configured, users and administrators will be prepared through official senhasegura training sessions.

Environment Certification

After the completion of an environment configuration, a thorough testing process is started to ensure that all configurations and integrations are in place.
The following tests are performed in this phase:

  • PAM CryptoAppliances;
  • Integration;
  • Application failure;
  • Configurations;
  • Password change;
  • Integration with managed devices;
  • Backup Restore;
  • High Availability;
  • Disaster Recovery.

Environment Activation

Once certified, the environment goes live in production and is ready for rolling out.

Roll Out

After environment certification and activation, the process begings by including devices, credentials and users in the system.

At well-defined stages, server groups and their credentials are inserted into the tool. From there on, users lose access to generic credentials and can only access from within the vault.

This process repeats many times, as planned, until all credentials, devices and users can successfully access through the system, and then the company is secured.

Assisted Operation

After go-live, it is common that questions arise. In this case, senhasegura offers, straight from the vendor, or through its certified partners, the option of assisted operation during any period of time.

This eliminates initial issues and the client can operate with more assurance and comfort.


Step-by-step to Centralized Access Management


We have a team of specialized professionals with extensive experience, who participate in the implementation of access management solutions in various market verticals and company sizes.

This experience allows us to design the ideal solution to meet compliance audit requirements or eliminate imminent threats related to access management, with less user resistance and greater support for security areas.

PAM 360º

PAM 360º is an advisory process developed by senhasegura that identifies an organization’s maturity level in terms of privileged credential management.

Assessment 360º to evaluate the privileged access management process.

Top down approach starting from a broad view of business.

Based on best practices recommended by Gartner.

Our privileged credential management process assesses four pillars:





PAM 360º covers the following privileged credential domains:





Voice Devices

Social Networks

IoT Devices



Rated points:

Business Information

Information Security

Audit and Governance

Infrastructure and IT

Technological Environment

WAN Connectivity

Access Management

Business Continuity

Identity Management

Geolocation and Data Centers

General business information

IT Organization and Responsibilities

Privileged Credential Management

Survey of infrastructure size and privileged credentials

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