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KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: PAM 2020

Perfect combination of features and UX.

KuppingerCole is a renowned global consulting company, headquartered in Germany, which has as one of its main goals to indicate technological trends and give advice to companies seeking information security solutions.

We believe that being reviewed by KuppingerCole generates a strong recognition for senhasegura in the cybersecurity market.

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And once again KuppingerCole has listed senhasegura as one of the main players in the global market for Privileged Access Management solutions. The following aspects were highlighted by KuppingerCole:

KDI (Keystroke Dynamic Identity): our function of recognizing user behavior through their typing was highly praised, in addition to being considered unique in the market;

Ease of implementation: the senhasegura architecture allows its implementation in an easy and fast way, reducing costs and impacts;

User Experience: KuppingerCole considers senhasegura easy to use and with a clean interface;

Improved Analytics Tools: senhasegura has complete reports and dashboards, which offers full visibility and reduces incident-detection time.

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