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Create and manage local users centrally.

What it is

Provisioning and revocation of privileged local user access on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, enabling centralized and automated management of devices that aren’t integrated with directory services.

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Endpoint Protection


Operational gain in the process of creating and revoking local user accesses.

Guaranteed revocation of all disconnected user accesses on devices not managed by directory services (AD/ALDAP).

Secure password delivery, with email sent directly to the provisioned user.

How it works

Provisioning works with no need of installing an agent on the target device. At the time of provisioning, you can define the type of credential being created, register a new home, select the shell that will be used, and send an operation success or failure message to the requester.


Provisioning one user on multiple servers or multiple users on the same server.

Sending a new password directly to the person responsible for the login via email.

Automatic blocking of all logins for a given user upon termination.

Comment record in the target device’s password file containing the tool operator’s username and the Service Request.

For the device shell, a shell can be chosen from among those installed on the device at the time of user provisioning. A non-existent shell can therefore not be selected, preventing process execution errors.

Technical Features

User Provisioning on the following platforms:

  • Main Linux distributions;
  • Unix;
  • Windows;
  • AIX;
  • HP-UX;
  • Tru64.

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