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PAM Advanced Monitoring

Full monitoring of the senhasegura solution.

What it is

Monitoring of senhasegura operation aspects and its components.

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Operational gain in the troubleshooting process.

Cost-effective deployment and support with no need of separate vendors of monitoring solutions.

Monitoring templates developed specially for senhasegura.

How it works

Through templates developed by the senhasegura team, it is possible to monitor a series of aspects of the solution: from the operation of clusters and the database to the consumption of resources, such as data traffic and CPU and memory consumption by the solution. By using the SNMP protocol, it is possible to configure the delivery of standard Management Information Base (MIB) messages, or have messages specifically developed by senhasegura compatible with the main market monitoring tools.


Advanced monitoring features.

Configuration of alerts for abnormalities through SMS, email, and telephone call.

Technical Features

  • Templates and MIBs developed specifically for senhasegura.


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