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PAM Crypto Appliance

Increased security and performance for your PAM solution.

What it is

Appliance-based hardware solution with custom operating system and embedded proprietary database to ensure greater security and better solution performance.

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PAM Crypto Appliance


Solution availability regardless of the infrastructure and virtualization tool.

High availability and disaster recovery technologies built into the solution.

Independence of Virtualization area and possible conflicts of interest between areas.

How it works

Hardware appliances will be installed in data centers and controlled access locations and the solution is ready for use after basic network configurations.


Protection against physical attack.

Cryptographic key protection in hardware.

Symmetric key storage in hardware.

Data destruction in case of appliance tampering.

Technical Features

  • Embedded HSM;
  • TPM module;
  • Redundant and internal power supplies;
  • Electric power redundancy with ability of replacement without interrupting equipment operation;
  • Disk encryption and redundancy.


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