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PAM Load Balancer

Optimal usage of senhasegura resources.

What it is

Integrated load balancing solution, which monitors various aspects of senhasegura Cluster and performs the balancing of incoming connections in the application instances.

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Less troubleshooting time.

Save deployment and support costs with vendors of balancing solutions.

Optimization of resource utilization, resulting in higher bandwidth, lower latency, and ensuring a fault-tolerant architecture.

How it works

PAM Load Balancer is able to monitor various aspects of senhasegura Cluster, and thus act as a load balancer, efficiently distributing data traffic to each of the cluster instances.


Efficient request distribution or load balancing across cluster instances.

Maximizes data bandwidth and optimizes resource usage capacity.

Ensures high availability and confidence in different members of the senhasegura Cluster.

Data destruction in case of appliance tampering.

Technical Features

  • EIntegrated and configured in the senhasegura solution;
  • Advanced health check features for the senhasegura Cluster;
  • Flexibility to add or remove clustered instances on demand;


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