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Are you ready to take control of your organization’s privileged access, protect sensitive data, and safeguard critical infrastructure? Look no further than senhasegura – the world’s leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Earning a 5.0 top rating with Gartner Peer Insights and trusted by enterprises worldwide, senhasegura offers an unrivaled suite of features that ensure your organization stays ahead of cyber threats, insider risks, and compliance challenges.

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What sets senhasegura apart?

Ample Video Storage

Enjoy 7X more video storage capacity compared to BeyondTrust or Delinea, ensuring comprehensive data protection.

Intuitive User Experience

Our exclusive user experience creates a seamless journey for users while enabling CISOs to focus on strategic iniatives.

Swift Deployment

Deploy in 7 minutes, a stagering 90% faster than competitors, ensuring you stay aheadin today’s dinamic landscape.

Revolutionary Architecture

senhasegura’s full-stack design slashes TCO by up to 70% compared to CyberArk and accelerates TTV by 90%.

senhasegura: A Name You Can Trust

We pride ourselves in our commitment to agility, results and client satisfaction, and our reviews speak for themselves. Our customers give us the highest rating of 5.0 on Gartner Peer Insights and 98% Willingness to Recommend.


“Senhasegura is a best-in-class product in the PAM market. At the same time, the PAM solution is simple to operate and full of capabilities. We were able to deploy it in a complex environment with 6 datacenters in 3 different countries in a very aggressive period of time. The support offered by the senhasegura team made a total difference in this process and contributed to the success of the project.”

– IT Security


“senhasegura has been a great solution for us. We use it on daily basis and we are sure our organization is safer with it. The solution provided us a great asset in terms of auditing and reporting capabilities that have allowed us to meet compliance requirements effectively, including compliance with local laws. I highly recommend senhasegura for organizations seeking a top-notch Privileged Access Management solution.”

– IT Services


“senhasegura, unlike other solutions I have worked with, has a very intuitive and simple interface to operate on a daily basis, making the process of adding new credentials an fixing problems faster and more assertive. I also need to emphasize here the nimbleness in the support provided by Projects’ and Support’s team whenever we contacted them, which means that we always have an exceptional SLA service.”

– Telecommunication


“senhasegura meets all the requirements of Privileged access management with security, HA, and is very detailed to the most diverse scenarios of the business. It’s a stable and mature solution with a good usability of the offered features. the controlled and safe management of local or internal accesses, as well as remote and external ones. Integrates with several access forms and other hardware and software products.”

– Consumer Goods

Customer Success Stories ·


The largest retail bank in Latin America (5,000 branches globally and more than 13 million customers) employed senhasegura to prevent privilege abuse, achieving a remarkable 94% reduction. Faced with a complex, expansive telecommunication network, the bank struggled with indiscriminate privilege configurations and lacked monitoring, exposing their system to malicious attack. By integrating senhasegura via SSH with second-factor authentication, the bank vastly improved security and saw over 98% local password rotation within 4 hours, audit of 5,000 privileged configuration changes with a 94.5% abuse reduction, and successful compliance fulfillment, safeguarding the business’ integrity and credibility.

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A major medical diagnostics company (220+ service centers and 10,000+ staff) struggled with intricate security issues due to processing 75 million clinical exams annually. Amid a complex infrastructure containing 2,000 unmanaged devices, 1,500 critical servers, and 500 databases, the presence of unprotected local domain credentials and hardcoded credentials heightened vulnerabilities.

Ransomware attacks resulted in data loss and operation disruptions, prompting the need for robust solutions. Rapidly, senhasegura emerged as the solution, implemented in a 3-node High Availability/Disaster Recovery architecture via Cloud deployment within just 3 days

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How It Works ·

At senhasegura, we believe cybersecurity should be seamless for users and impactful for security leaders. Our unique user experience eliminates friction and empowers Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to focus on strategic initiatives, knowing that privileged access is managed with excellence.

senhasegura is the only PAM solution available on the market for complete Privileged Access Management that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle: identity management, privileged access management and auditing of all activities carried out in the privileged session. Our PAM method is used for continuous improvement of privileged access lifecycle security.

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