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PAMaturity Test

Find out your PAM maturity level.

Check which level you are on the PAM journey

Do you know how to measure your PAM maturity level and apply it to your organization?

We at senhasegura have developed PAMaturity, a PAM maturity assessment model for your organization, regardless of the sector, size and types of privileged credentials in your environment. The purpose is that you are able to determine that level, assess the associated risks and plan which aspects of PAM will be implemented.

We recommend this test to those responsible for the cyber security of your company, and who have some level of knowledge of the activities related to Privileged Access Management. And don't worry: it is very quick. And remembering that your answers will be used only for this test and we will not store or share them

After answering these questions, you will be able to see the level of PAM maturity your organization is!

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Privileged credentials in your infrastructure are:

Do you use a PAM solution to manage privileged access to your infrastructure?

Are remote sessions performed on the managed devices recorded?

Remote accesses to devices are allowed only through the PAM solution?

Are credentials discovered automatically?

Do you use Two or Multi-factor Authentication Factor mechanisms?

Do you use User Behavior Analysis capabilities of your PAM solution?

Do you segregate your users using normal and privileged credentials?

Do you use approval workflows to control access to privileged credentials?

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