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Audits don’t have to be complicated. Learn how Privileged Access Management facilitates the compliance process.

Improper access to privileged accounts are risks that must be controlled by the information security area of any organization, and are attack vectors in practically all security incidents.

Thus, it is not surprising that standards such as PCI DSS, CIS Controls, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NIST, LGPD, GDPR and SOX establish specific controls and requirements for the use of user accounts.

How do we help your company to address this issue?

senhasegura allows companies to implement the most stringent and complex controls for accessing privileged credentials in an automated and centralized manner, protecting the IT infrastructure against data breaches and potential compliance failures.

Some actions that the senhasegura solution can help your organization to comply with audit requirements:


Automated control of privileged account policies, ensuring continuous monitoring and adherence to auditing requirements.

Full visibility of “who, when and where”, as well as “what” happened during the session with privileged credentials.


Streamlined audit reporting from a central audit data repository.

Reduced operational cost and response time with periodic audits.

PAM Core – Management of the full cycle

of high privilege credentials

Centralized access management, for maximum protection and control of generic and high-privilege credentials, providing secure storage, segregation of access and full traceability of use.

When configuring access groups, you can define the administrator users who will be allowed to be given a physical access password and the group of users who can use the remote access provided by the solution to access a target device or system.

All cases can follow multi-level approval workflows and reasons provided by the requesting user.

Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world.

The solution is recommended for companies in the following scenarios:

Companies with more than 10 users.

Companies that received points of attention in auditing.

Companies that need to reduce operating costs.

Companies that must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations.

Companies that want to implement the best security practices.

Companies that have suffered a security incident.


Session Recording and Audit

World Recognition

In 2021, senhasegura was recognized as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. In the same year, Gartner also named us among the top three PAM technologies in the world in its PAM Critical Capabilities report.

In addition, senhasegura was listed in Forrester’s Wave report for Privileged Identity Management 2018, which considered our access granularity among the best in the market. In addition, senhasegura was named a Leader by KuppingerCole in its Leadership Compass 2021 report.

Customer Testimonials

"senhasegura offers a complete set of PAM features, from account integration to dashboards and reporting. The deployment went wrong, even considering a complex high availability scenario, and it's ready for cloud environments. Our SOC team was really impressed with the graphical threat radar feature that allows quick detection of cyber security risks and provides excellent privileged access governance. With massive use of apps and DevOps, senhasegura provides good management of secrets and App2App resources."

Safety and Risk Manager

Retail Industry

"senhasegura offers a complete set of PAM features, including excellent support and complete integrations with various technologies and systems. Its intuitive interface helps our Security processes and mature its use in our organization. The transparent access method offered by tool works well and reduces user friction, which reduces operating costs."

IT Infrastructure Analyst

Service Industry

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