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Change Audit

Ensure that actions are performed correctly.

What it is

The Change Audit feature is dedicated to protecting groups of devices and instantly auditing changes made by users and/or machines, in order to ensure that the performance of planned actions was and will be done correctly.

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Given the large volume of privileged accesses and requests that need to be auditable both for accesses by people and machines, the Change Audit feature allows:

All user actions to be performed in accordance with the policy of each organization, ensuring the traceability of all actions performed.

The auditing of all the configurations made, thus giving the organization the ability to manage the use of a privileged credential after the access is completed.

A quick response to incidents and reduced operating costs.

How it works

The senhasegura platform has introduced a new module to automatically audit changes by using ML techniques to identify possible violations and/or abuse of privileges.

Check out the infographic below with more details on how the module works:

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