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Customers cases

Case Study

Biggest retail LATAM bank

The bank uses senhasegura to reduce
 privilege abuse by 94%

Case Study

Largest LATAM e-commerce

Enabled DevSecOps at largest LATAM
e-commerce company

Case Study

8th Biggest Telco in the world

Certificates, SSH keys & PAM managed
in one single platform

Case Study

2nd Biggest payroll database
in the world

 Brazilian Gov Data Processor reduced
over 97% of unauthorized access

Case Study

Financial institution with
more than US$ 300M in

senhasegura helps protecting more
than US$ 26,1 B in financial

Case Study

The largest LATAM car rental network

With 7,000 employees, 608 local
stores and 10 million customers

Case Study

Latin America’s largest
mileage program

An e-commerce platform for
purchasing miles, reservations
and travel.

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