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Discover privileged credentials automatically.

What it is

The Discovery feature surveys the environment and enables automated registration of devices and their respective credentials in the solution. In this way, senhasegura ensures that all credentials and devices are available for use, and that none of are unknown or outside the privileged access management process.

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Easy device and credential registration during the deployment process;

Schedule a periodic assessment of the environment to ensure that new devices and credentials are identified;

Independence from the asset inventory process in order to keep the solution current.

How it works

Discovery can be run in any environment, or applied to a specific network segment. You can also define the search plugins that will be used, as well as the types of devices and credentials that will be identified.

The solution can also connect to the network device through its standard protocol (SSH/TELNET, RDP) without the need to install a local agent. Thus, hostname, IP address, credential list, privilege type, and usage log information is collected, such as last access and password change date.


Periodic network scanning by IP range;

Automatic identification of privileged accounts in the following environments:

  • Unix;
  • Linux;
  • Windows, on local machines or in Active Directory;
  • Oracle;
  • MS SQL;
  • MySQL.

Technical Features

The solution has the ability to identify any type of device connected to your network, including:

  • Servers (Linux/Unix, Windows and VMWare)
  • Database (Oracle, SQL, MySQL)
  • Network devices (Firewall, Routers, Switches, Balancers);
  • Workstations.

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