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senhasegura MySafe – Your personal Vault

by | Oct 25, 2022 | BLOG

With the multiplication of computer systems, passwords have spread out both in our personal and professional lives. And the protection of credential passwords has become a major concern not only for organizations but also for society. And no wonder why those credentials are called the “keys to the kingdom”: privileged credentials allow the execution of critical actions, such as modifying settings of a domain controller or transferring funds from a bank account.

With the multiplication of credentials, people tend to create passwords based on their personal information. Or even worst, they use a common combination of characters, for easy memorization. According to a Nordpass study, the most common passwords are “123456”, “qwerty” and “password”. Other common combinations include birth dates, their own names, car brands and sports teams. At the same time, many people communicate passwords through insecure means, such as work messaging channels they trust, post-its and notebooks. That way, sensitive information is transmitted in a plain text, without any security mechanism.

It is important to keep in mind that using personal data on passwords makes it easier for attackers to discover passwords using social engineering techniques. If a malicious attacker can gain access to a platform and service a single employee uses, that attacker can often move laterally through the organization simply by trying known passwords out. Furthermore, if users store password on insecure ways, like post-it or unprotected spreadsheets, malicious attackers have more chances to obtain unauthorized access to passwords.

To avoid password leaking or storage on physical ways, like note pads, and to reduce cybersecurity risks related to password management, senhasegura has developed MySafe, our exclusive personal vault solution. senhasegura MySafe helps users store and share their data in a few clicks without any risk. 

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Some of the features offered by senhasegura MySafe include:

  • Strong passwords – senhasegura MySafe generates strong and random passwords to allow users increase the level of security. This ensures users have strong, unique passwords in place for every account they use, without having to remember it.
  • Password sharing – it is possible to share passwords between users in a friendly way via web or mobile.
  • Encryption – All managed passwords are stored encrypted, ensuring they are only accessed through senhasegura MySafe. senhasegura MySafe is secured by strong encryption methods and several methods of multi-factor authentication. Users can use fingerprint to access passwords on their smartphones. 
  • Integration – senhasegura MySafe also integrates with different tools on the web-based solution. In addition to that, senhasegura MySafe offers a frictionless on-boarding, allowing users to bulk import their passwords from spreedsheets or other tools like LastPass and Keeper.
  • Password injection – Passwords can be automatically injected on websites or just checked out on demand.
  • Traceability – The audit trail offered by senhasegura is a helpful tool to admins and auditors during a security incident. Knowing by who, when and where a password has been seen helps to track the size of the damage and to identify possible data breaches. It is possible to verify which password people had access, letting administrators know what passwords they may need to change after someone leaves the company.

senhasegura MySafe ensures that it will be impossible to someone to guess and discover the random passwords automatically generated by the tool. Besides that, senhasegura MySafe diminishes the impulse of sharing passwords through productivity tools – like Slack and WhatsApp – and through unsecure means. This provides administrators with a complete track of who had access to it and when.

senhasegura offers industry-recognized user interface, which allows reduced training and support costs. Its user interface was developed based on feedback from our users to deliver a unique experience. We are also the only PAM vendor among the market leaders to also offer a password manager tool. With the audit capabilities offered by senhasegura MySafe, in case of a compromised password, administrators can quickly request that the owner changes this password and all others.

Other benefits brought by senhasegura MySafe include industry-recognized simple user interface, which ensures the perfect balance between productivity and security. 

With the challenges associated with data protection, security must be your main concern when talking about passwords. senhasegura MySafe allows data protection by different levels of defense to ensure that only authorized people will have access to these sensitive data.

senhasegura MySafe is an important tool to help different areas of an enterprise, from a user that will have an easy way to manage their passwords to auditors and administrators who need to anticipate possible risks.

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