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senhasegura SaaS

Fast and easy protection of privileged access.

The compliance with current standards and regulations (LGPD; DGPR; PCI DSS; ISA 62443; among others) is a challenge for companies of all sizes, especially when time is against us.

senhasegura SaaS is the first Brazilian PAM solution to offer a cloud-native password vault, protecting privileged credentials in managing, rotating password, auditing, and monitoring privileged accounts.

Easily deployed, senhasegura SaaS automatically rotates credentials that administrators use to access critical systems across the organization, thus preventing bad access from negatively impacting your business.


senhasegura SaaS

Advantages of deploying a PAM solution such as senhasegura SaaS include:

Simplification of privileged access management efforts.

Removal of concerns related to upgrades, which are made directly on the cloud.

Infrastructure investment becomes unnecessary. 

Recordings and audits of privileged sessions in accordance with current security rules and regulations.

It allows both internal and external users to enter credentials (passwords) in secure access sessions without users knowing or seeing which credentials were used, dramatically reducing the chances of phishing or misuse. 

It manages access from any privileged account: from local administrators or shared domains to personal admin user accounts.

It is ideal for all sizes businesses.

senhasegura SaaS version of cloud-based PAM reduces the burden of administrative security management, coupled with rapid system start-up.

Managing privileged access credentials on the cloud, in addition to simplifying the process, enables it to be more cost-effective, making the resource affordable to businesses of all sizes.

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