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senhasegura terms of use

Developed to guarantee the sovereignty of companies over-privileged actions and information, senhasegura takes privacy into account since its conception, keeping the principle of “privacy by design” in mind. For us, the protection, access, and confidentiality of personal data are fundamental rights and must be guaranteed by any organization. Therefore, we provide this website so that you can learn more about our work and can contact us.

Thus, these Terms of Use, along with our Privacy Policy, govern the senhasegura website ( and its relationship with our company.

If after reading these Terms of Use you do not understand or agree with any statement, we ask that you contact us by using the form available at [] before continuing navigating and/or contracting the services.


1.1. The website is an information and dissemination platform for SENHASEGURA, with informative and explanatory content of the product, its feature, resources, and services. For this reason, the website is not a platform for selling or contracting services, so that its use does not create a commercial relationship between you and senhasegura.

1.2. In case you wish to contract the product, you must contact us through the form provided in the contact section, via a phone call, or by email at [email protected].

1.3. The access and use of the website does not depend on your registration, except when necessary due to specific functionality, as highlighted in these Terms of Use.

1.4. The website does not have and does not transmit information directed at minors or, on the other hand, inappropriate for those ages, therefore, it is exempt from the classification of the information by age group.


2.1. These Terms of Use refer exclusively to the senhasegura website. In turn, for the purchase and/or contracting of the product and other services, it is necessary to check the terms of use and instructions specific to each one, made available during the specific licensing and/or commercialization process.


3.1. You can send messages to the SENHASEGURA team via the form available at Completing all fields is mandatory for submission and internal processing.

3.2. Messages sent via the form are merely contacts and do not constitute the contracting of services or products.

3.3. The contact information and personal data provided by you in the form will be used to make it possible to fulfill your request, as well as for subsequent communications, either to answer new questions or to offer services, under the terms of our Privacy Policy, which may be accessed at:


4.1. You can request a demonstration of the senhasegura features, as well as related services, such as implementation, consulting, training, and certification. To receive the demonstration of the product and/or services, you need to complete the form available at a link provided directly on the product and/or service page of your interest.

4.2. Filling in all fields on the forms is mandatory to receive the requested demo and for internal processing.

4.3. The contact information and personal data provided by you on the form will be used to fulfill your request, as well as for subsequent communications, under the terms of the Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at:


5.1. You can download all technical and informational content available on the senhasegura website. For this purpose, the website provides 04 (four) content segments, which are: datasheets, whitepapers, manuals, and e-books. To access these materials, it is necessary to complete the form available at a link provided directly on the product and/or service page of your interest.

5.2. Filling in all fields on the forms is mandatory for downloading the materials and internal processing.

5.3. The contact information and personal data provided by you in the form will be used to download the content produced by senhasegura, as well as for subsequent communications, under the terms of the Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at:


6.1. The information and texts made available on the website are authored by senhasegura or obtained from public sources considered reliable. We periodically improve, correct, and update the information published on the website, but there is no way to ensure that the materials are the most updated versions when they are accessed.

6.2. The information and content from external partners indicated on the website are for information purposes and senhasegura is not responsible for nor control them. External links, when applicable, are indicated for your convenience, which does not imply that senhasegura endorses external content or any association of its operators.

6.3. All content available on the website is the sole and exclusive ownership of senhasegura or go through the appropriate licensing or assignment to the company. For this reason, you are not granted any license or assignment of intellectual property rights, and the reproduction of any part of the website or its content is prohibited, under penalty of the sanctions provided for in the applicable law.

6.4. The use of the name senhasegura, the domain (and derivations), as well as the contents of the website screens, are the property of senhasegura and are protected by international intellectual property laws and treaties. The misuse and total or partial reproduction of these contents are prohibited, except when expressly authorized by us.


7.1. Given the informative and expository nature of the website, senhasegura is not liable for any damages resulting from the improper use of the contents, external links, and other documents made available on the website, nor for actions taken by you based on such information.

7.2. Considering that we cannot have control over third-party websites and content, you understand that these Terms of Use do not apply to third parties – including social media – even if you use such media to connect to the website. You should always pay attention to the terms and policies applicable to the third-party websites you visit.

7.3. senhasegura is not responsible, within the limits of the applicable legislation, for any damages resulting from the use of the website, equipment or connection failure, data transmission, errors, downtime, delay in its operation, computer viruses, failures in the telecommunications system, or connection provider, as well as any incompatibility between the website and the internet browsers used by you.


8.1. By continuing to navigate, you agree to use the website in good faith and respecting the purely informative and expository purpose of the content provided.

8.2. The use of the website in any way that may impair its operation is prohibited, including, but not limited to, attempts to introduce malicious code, denial of service attacks, or abuse of any defect or error on the website.

8.3. Any interference, attempt, or activity that violates or contravenes the laws in force in Brazil, including Law No. 13,709/2018 (Brazilian General Data Protection Law – LGPD), will make the person responsible for the relevant legal actions, as well as the indemnity for any damage caused.

8.4. When making the website available, we are committed to using tools compatible with the current and high standards of security assurance, in order to prevent the transmission of malicious codes and/or corrupted files.

8.5. senhasegura is not responsible for any damage, loss, or damage suffered by you due to failures in the Internet, systems, or servers you use, or those resulting from the behavior of third parties, acts of God, or force majeure. We will also not be responsible for any virus that may attack your equipment as a result of accessing, using, or navigating the Internet or as a result of the transfer of data, files, images, text, or audio.


9.1. In addition to the information we may collect under the terms of items 3, 4, 5, and 6 above, the website collects personal data and navigation information through cookies, which may be shared with national and international suppliers for the purpose of storage, availability, and maintenance of the website, e-mail flows, among others.

9.2. The collection and processing of personal data, their respective purposes, and your rights as a data subject are governed by a specific policy, which can be accessed at:


10.1. This Policy has the nature of an adhesion agreement and undergoes periodic reviews, without prior notice. Therefore, you must consult the document to see if you continue to agree to its terms before continuing to navigate.

10.2. These Terms of Use comply with and must be interpreted based on the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. In order to resolve any doubts or issues related to them, the parties elect the District Court of São Paulo/SP, to the exclusion of any other.

Last update: December 17, 2020.

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