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Session Management (PSM)

Access to your company’s servers without revealing the password.

What it is

Recording and storage of all remote sessions performed through the solution for later viewing.

The recording can be used to prove the change to a database, identify an improper action in a critical system, find the root cause of a problem, or meet audit, inspection or legal demands.

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Session Recording and Audit


Traceability of all actions performed by generic and third-party credentials;

Less time spent troubleshooting;

Isolated evidence repository, encrypted, and protected against removal or alteration.

How it works

senhasegura records a unique hash for each session, and you can specifically identify each user’s activity during access, even if they are using a shared credential.


Session recordings in video format, without the need for local agents;

Recording of commands typed in RDP and SSH environments;

Real-time monitoring of sessions in progress and possibility of closing the session remotely.

Session reviewed through the solution, or exported to MP4 format;

Search for session log by:

  • User;
  • Credential used;
  • Device or system accessed;
  • Typed commands;
  • Metadata;
  • Type of activity;
  • Time interval.

Technical Features

Session recordings and keyboard logs can be enabled:

  • To register actions performed in all sessions through the solution;
  • To register actions performed on a target device, system, or HTTPs page;
  • To register remote access by a user group or device group;
  • In sessions via local client on the user’s workstation (PuTTy or Terminal Service).

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