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Find out about the details of the architecture, technical operation and integration possibilities with the senhasegura solution.

How senhasegura works?

senhasegura is a Privileged Access Management software solution that stores, manages and monitors all credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys and digital certificates, in a secure digital repository. 

Using encryption mechanisms, the PAM solution offers users the ability to use only one password to access a series of credentials registered in the solution. 

Additionally, senhasegura can be used to access all network resources through SSH and RDP protocols, storing all records of their use for audit and compliance analysis purposes.

Its intelligence allows for real-time analysis of actions taken by users and alert generation to identify fraud or inappropriate action.

The senhasegura team is proud to develop a 100% Brazilian solution.

The main functions of the senhasegura solution in the corporate environment are:

    • Protecting the organization and high privilege credentials.
    • Making the organization compliant with numerous regulatory requirements, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOX.
    • Streamlining internal and external audit processes.
    • Increasing productivity and efficiency.
    • Tracking important actions to discourage fraud.

Porduct Architecture

The senhasegura architecture offers the highest technology available to ensure maximum security for your organization’s environment.

senhasegura product architecture consists of a set of integrated component layers that support senhasegura functioning, from physical layer to application layer. Each component performs different tasks in the solution.

The following layers compound the senhasegura product architecture:

Business Layer

Where all senhasegura features are located, from integrations to activity recording.

Application Server Layer

Where Orbini is located. senhasegura team’s in-house developed this framework to support all features of the solution.

Virtual Appliance

Virtual device where the solution is executed.

Appliance Layer

senhasegura hardware solution.

Some of the system’s technical features include:

Ability to securely store a series of credentials, from SSL certificates to social network passwords.

Automatic discovery of devices and user accounts in the corporate network.

Delivery of the authenticated session without exposing the user password.

All sessions provided by senhasegura may be recorded on video.

Automatic password change.

Access to a resource via email or SMS authorization.

Protection of hardcoded passwords or configuration files.

Use of SSH clients.

SSH and Telnet command audit.

Custody of multi-user passwords.


Types of databases and their  characteristics

Product Integration

Our effort to integrate and extend support to different devices from various manufacturers is constant and intense.

Our purpose is to make senhasegura compatible with a number of operating systems, web applications, network devices, applications, security devices, virtualization environments, databases, directory systems, remote access and monitoring, mobile devices and browsers.

senhasegura’s engineering team works continuously to expand this list of devices.

senhasegura currently offers more than 174 possible integrations with different models, which are divided into devices such as:

  • Remote Access and Monitoring
  • Virtualization Environments
  • Applications
  • Windows Applications
  • Databases
  • Network Devices
  • Security Devices
  • Operating Systems
  • Directory Systems

Check out some of the companies with which senhasegura is integrated:

Product Security

To ensure optimal protection of stored passwords, senhasegura offers several security mechanisms, both at the hardware level and at the software level. This ensures that we maximize the security of information stored in the vault. 

Our security experts team at senhasegura keeps track of market encryption and technology evolutions so that your organization has access to the most advanced tools for information security.

Security Mechanisms

Some of the main security mechanisms offered by senhasegura include the following categories:


          • Redundancy and high availability
          • Temperature and hardware component failure sensors
          • Physical access control
          • Data encryption
          • Logical access control
          • Network mechanisms
          • Remote device connectivity encryption
          • Backup
          • High Availability
          • Disaster recovery
          • Encryption of backups and logs
          • Vault for devices


              • Authentication, including APIs
              • Encryption of stored passwords and digital certificates
              • Master key management
              • Credential storage
              • Access credential
              • Session mechanisms
              • Alerts
              • Traceability and reporting
              • Access policies
              • Session use
              • High Availability
              • Disaster recovery
              • Backup

High Availability and Contingency

senhasegura has been designed to allow its operation in an architecture with maximum failure resistance for hardware, software, and power, thus ensuring the ongoing availability of the services. 

The architectures used with the senhasegura solution in order to achieve maximum availability include, among others, multiple domain controllers, clusters, and appliances with redundancy in power supplies, network boards, and drives.

Architectures with PAM Virtual Appliances

Architectures with PAM Crypto Appliance

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