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The importance of managing access identities in your company

by | Nov 13, 2020 | BLOG

The management of access identities has become an important and indispensable practice in the information security of any company. The protection of privileged credentials is a great way to guarantee the security of data and compliance with the data protection laws in force before even a privileged session takes place.

It is a fundamental practice to guarantee a secure environment since those where there isn’t a privileged credential for each of the employees open loopholes for privilege abuse, data leaks, and cyberattacks. And what is worse, it makes it difficult to identify the attacker.

To ensure the security of your company’s credentials, adopting IAM systems is essential so that access to environments is only performed by people who actually have the right to access.


How IAM works 


Identity & Access Management (IAM) allows a corporation to create, protect, and determine what the level of privilege is for each employee so that they can perform all of their tasks without excessive privileges.

An IAM system has different authentication systems, such as: Single, multifactor, digital Login, etc., giving access only to people and machines authorized to perform such task and/or access a certain environment in a secure and identifiable way.


What is the relationship between Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM)?


The Identity & Access Management (IAM) term is constantly confused with Privileged Access Management (PAM), since the two concepts are interconnected.

Unlike IAM solutions that manage access identities, PAM solutions manage privileged sessions through the control, storage, segregation, and monitoring of privileged credentials.

Therefore, PAM solutions perform the second step towards efficient privileged access management, as they protect critical data from privileged users, so it is recommended that you use both solutions at the same time in order to succeed in privileged access management.


Advantages of using an IAM solution


  • Increased productivity: through an IAM solution, your company does not need an employee fully dedicated to releasing access and/or analyzing your company’s vulnerabilities. A good IAM solution performs this process in an automated way, which significantly increases productivity and cuts costs.
  • Greater information security: as mentioned, an IAM solution creates several security locks, which guarantees data protection and compliance with the various data protection laws, such as the LGPD and GDPR.

How senhsegura assists in the implementation of IAM and PAM


senhasegura is the only PAM solution company on the market that manages the entire life cycle of privileged access management, protecting your company from possible threats before, during, and after having a privileged session.

It also has several modules aimed at IAM protection, such as: cloud access management, certificate management, and provisioning of local users. This guarantees the protection of your company in IAM.

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