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Consider third-party access security controls in your privileged access strategy.

A number of third parties, including vendors, contractors, consultants and service providers, have access to network resources, allowing them to modify, replace or impact your organization’s operational service.

This access is considered privileged and needs even more protection than employee access.

Organizations are struggling to protect their networks, but they forget about third-party access security controls.

These controls can protect third-party access to privileged credentials, as well as strengthen security aspects that are typically exploited by attackers to gain access to the corporate network.

How do we help resolve this vulnerability?

How the senhasegura solution can help your organization to handle with third-party access:


Use granular permissions:

Permission settings can be included for a third party or team, thus restricting which systems they can access and when.

Disable all forms of remote access outside the PAM solution:

Block any other form of remote access to eliminate open ports that are often exploited by intruders and malicious people.

Record secure audit trails and configure alerts:

The senhasegura solution allows you to record a series of audit trails for each action performed by third parties, in addition to configuring alerts for unusual activities.

Consolidates access into a single solution:

The senhasegura solution can be the single, centralized solution for third-party access to your network resources, such as systems and applications.

Strengthens unique credentials and two-factor authentication:

Require all third parties with access to the corporate network to use unique credentials and two-factor authentication to reduce the risk of third-party credential theft and improve regulatory compliance.

DOMUM – Remote Access Management for
Employees and Third Parties

Secure remote access for employees and third parties, providing zero-trust-based access to the company network without the need for a VPN.

Whenever an employee or third party needs to access devices managed by the PAM platform, senhasegura Domum sends an approved access link available to the end user, which allows instant and secure access to the allowed devices.

Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world.

The solution is recommended for companies in the following scenarios:

Companies with more than 10 users.

Companies that received points of attention in auditing.

Companies that must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations.

Companies that want to implement the best security practices.

Companies that have suffered a security incident.

Companies that need to reduce operating costs.

World Recognition

In 2021, senhasegura was recognized as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report. In the same year, Gartner also named us among the top three PAM technologies in the world in its PAM Critical Capabilities report.

In addition, senhasegura was listed in Forrester’s Wave report for Privileged Identity Management 2018, which considered our access granularity among the best in the market. In addition, senhasegura was named a Leader by KuppingerCole in its Leadership Compass 2021 report.


Third-Party Access Management

Customer Testimonials

“ The implantation of senhasegura allowed us to meet all PAM requirements in a large and complex pharmaceutical environment, including OT assets (Industry 4.0) in several of our units in South America, including our headquarters. This was crucial to create a unified and centralized privileged access management. senhasegura's open connectors helped us to integrate privileged credentials, including third-party ones, which allowed us to mitigate cybersecurity risks."


Manufacturing Industry

"A very intuitive product that led to greater user adoption early on. The platform covered the entire lifecycle of privileged access management, providing governance for all of our privileged access events, eliminating traditional complexity. large volume of accounts and devices on the network with a complete scan of the environment, eliminating unmanaged credentials. The built-in high availability function was critical to the active-active deployment of our 3 data centers."

Security Coordinator

Communications Industry

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