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Threat Analysis

Automatic analysis of crucial actions.

What it is

A solution dedicated to environment monitoring in order to detect and send real-time alerts of any suspicious action performed with privileged credentials, allowing the security team to prevent an ongoing attack.

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Threat Analysis


Reduced response time to attacks;

Automatic blocking of stolen privileged credentials;

Visibility of threats associated with privileged accounts;

Access to all information associated with the incident.

How it works

A list of suspicious commands and behaviors in the environment is classified according to the level of risk. Whenever risk are identified, alerts are issued and consolidated on a graphic dashboard. The information security team can therefore take immediate action if necessary.


Graphic dashboards with risk and threat information;

Alerts with detailed information about the occurrence of suspicious activity;

Analysis of user sessions with record of abnormality in reports;

Audit, command alert and blocking, even for privileged users;

Recording of command input and output logs;

Command scoring according to the level of risk of each command;

Identification of lateral movement and privilege escalation;

Sending suspicious activity alerts to SIEM/SYSLOG.

Technical Features

  • Self-learning of operating machine history and user behavior to identify any change that represents a threat;
  • Scoring, monitoring, alerting and command blocking based on whitelist and blacklist;
  • Automatic response for detection of threats without human intervention.

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