“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”

You are the guardian of your company’s information security. During your journey, some concerns and obstacles show up in your way:

Threat of data breaches

Complex, expensive or outdated data protection tools

Lack of compliance with major data regulations

Privilege abuses and soft best practices culture

Issues with hiring outsourced services, such as business insurance

What if you had a reliable map?

To help you get safely through the obstacles along the path, senhasegura gives you the map of the Privileged Access Management (PAM) Lifecycle, a cyber solution that keeps the privileged credentials ⎼ also known as “keys to the kingdom” ⎼ of your company’s critical environment through 3 stages:

REQUEST     >     USE     >     VERIFY

So here is a challenge:

Unlock your defenses! Follow the track into the “Cybersecurity Kingdom” to run for an iPhone 13 mini 128 gb.

Sign up! Fill out the form beside with your complete and right data, check all your e-mail boxes (including the spam one) and reach the Kingdom.

How does it work?

The challenge will last 6 weeks (from June 7th to July 12th), with 1 enigma per week*;

You will get 1 e-mail every Tuesday (during the challenge period) with the material containing the enigma;

You must take note of the keys and save them until the end of the track. They will open the Cybersecurity Kingdom;

There will be 2 number keys on each material. Oh, stay tuned: the 5th enigma will be revealed during our July webinar!

In the last week, you will insert all the number keys into the “Treasure Room”. If you get there first, the iPhone will be yours!

If you are not the first one, don’t worry: from 2nd to 20th place will get a souvenir.

*The results will be released on July 19th via e-mail.

Top Tips:

 Bonus! If you schedule a demo of senhasegura solution until July 1st, you will get the last tip in advance.

The participant who shares #senhaseguraunlockchallenge and tags @senha_segura (Twitter) and @senhasegura (LinkedIn) the most, wins a US$ 50 gift card!

Read the full regulation here.

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