Can you prevent your company from serious damages in a cyber attack?

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Surprising Secrets of Cyber-Resilience


Date: Sep 22nd
Time: 12h ET


Steve Hunt

ISSA Hall of Fame  

Your company's security may be at risk!

In a cyber attack, hackers can access critical systems and data, compromising the entire corporation, which may never recover from the attack.

Any company in the world can be a target, but there are some precautions that can be taken to avoid irreversible damages, and we are going to present the main ones.

Steve Hunt, an inductee into the ISSA Hall of Fame, will share his discoveries gleaned from cyber-crimes at hundreds of companies to discover steps you can take today to boost your organization’s resilience.

On the webinar Surprising Secrets of Cyber-Resilience you’ll learn the main keys to excellence practiced at the best-run and most cyber-resilient organizations in the world.