I'm your security revolution, CISO.

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Let’s face it: the security landscape is a warzone. I'm your heavy artillery in your battle against threat vectors and data breaches. Your all-in-one privileged access management (PAM) powerhouse, built by battle-hardened security experts who know your struggle. I go far beyond traditional PAM by fortifying your defenses with certificate & key management, DevOps secret management, a secure personal employee vault, and advanced Cloud IAM and CIEM functionality.
With senhasegura in your arsenal, you can:

Fortify your digital kingdom

Industry-leading privileged account management is your unbreachable wall.

Own compliance and conquer audits

Detailed reporting, video recording, and automated evidence trails help you win the battle to achieve compliance before it even starts.

Unleash your team's potential

My intuitive design and lightning-fast deployment mean less firefighting and more innovation.

Evolve without any fear

My adaptable, scalable architecture keeps you ahead of the curve.

I feel your pain.

Juggling too many tools?
Bogged down by user access?
Restricted by a tight budget?
Dreading the next compliance audit?
Shadow IT haunting your dreams?
Your Secret Weapon: Usability

A clunky security platform gets overlooked and bypassed.

That's why I'm designed to be as easy to use as I am powerful. Effortless adoption means your entire team becomes a force for security.

High Performance x Maximum Impact

My architecture is built for speed and scale, handling your toughest challenges without breaking a sweat. Where some other solutions (you know who I’m talking about) might require ten servers, I happily run on one.

Crush Compliance, Audits, and Cyber Insurance

Intelligent Algorithms

Effortlessly meets standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more.

Optimizing Data Collection

Prove your security posture at the click of a button and ace every audit.

Optimizing Data Collection

Demonstrate bulletproof security to insurers, earning better insurability and lower rates.

My Superpowers: Unmatched Value and Rapid Deployment

Budget superhero

Experience up to 70% lower total cost of ownership and watch your ROI soar.

Master of time

Deploy 60-80% faster and start reclaiming your time now.

Your security, your way

Choose from SaaS, self-managed subscription, or on-prem models.

Your Fortress of Unbreakable Security

Modern threats demand a multi-layered defense. senhasegura goes far beyond traditional PAM, fortifying your security posture in every way:
Attack surface minimizer

I reduce privileged accounts, a prime target for attackers.

Zero trust champion

I enforce granular access controls following the Zero Trust model, granting least privilege.

Least privilege enforcer

Users only get the access they absolutely need to perform their tasks.

Total transparency

Gain complete visibility into all privileged activities, leaving no room for shadows.

DevOps security guru

Enable secure, automated deployments without compromising security.

Machine Identity Management superhero

Secure and manage machine identities across your cloud and hybrid environments.

Don’t Take Just My Word for it!

I have more than 600 satisfied customers around the world: companies both small and large, across all continents and industries. I am the only PAM solution that has a full five-star rating from actual customers and everyday users on Gartner Peer Insights.
Read what they have to say:

"I am extremely satisfied with my overall experience using senhasegura. The user interface is intuitive and well-designed, allowing for easy navigation and administration. senhasegura covers a wide range of security needs. The solution has significantly improved our credential and device management processes, enhancing the overall security of our organization. It has proven to be a comprehensive and reliable PAM tool."
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