senhasegura PAM Pricing Options

Uncomplicated, customizable pricingdesigned to fit your budget.

senhasegura Pricing Models

A simple and affordable pricing model along with several licensing options to suit your exact needs.

We host your solution.

Seamless service
Automatic upgrades and patches
Affordable, all-inclusive pricing that covers everything
Support plans included

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Self-Hosted Subscription
We provide the software, you host it.

Host in datacenter or private cloud
System maintenance
Annual subscription
Customized additional support plans, up to white-glove global 24/7 service

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Managed Service
We implement and maintain our Saas platform for you.

Full system operation and maintenance
24/7 support
Annual subscription
All-inclusive support plans

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What sets senhasegura apart?

We value your trust. We will never pressure you or force you to purchase additional services.
7 Minute Deployment
All-In-One Solution
No Extra Licenses
All-Inclusive Pricing
24/7 Top-Rated Support
Professional Services Included
Agile Solution

Other Solutions

+ Can take up to 1 year
+ Incomplete, require multiple platforms
+ Multiple licenses and extra steps
+ Extra fees and services required
+ Limited support, low satisfaction
+ Professional services often required
+ Limited scalability

Top-Rated Support and Maintenance

senhasegura is the highest-rated PAM provider on Gartner Peer Insights for a reason.

Our customers give us the highest rating of 5.0 on Gartner Peer Insights and 98% Willingness to Recommend.

Transparent PAM Pricing, Maximum Value

Our core design principle is to provide maximum value for our customers.

100% Benefits, $0 Hidden Fees
When you buy from senhasegura or our partners, you know what you get:

No hidden fees or surprises
No extra licenses
No extra hardware or software
No extra supporting infrastructure required

70% Lower total cost of ownership
We have designed our PAM with performance and value in mind. Save big on costs for:

Additional licenses or subscriptions
The price of running the system
90% Faster Time to Value
Deploy, start using the system, and have your admins and end-users up to speed right away.

We offer 60% - 90% faster deployment and time to value (and security!) than other leading solutions.
7 Seamlessly Integrated Modules
Our solution is a modular platform. Add on advanced capabilities with no extra hardware or software needed, such as:

Endpoint Privilege Elevation
Cloud Infrastructure and Entitlements Management (CIEM)
DevOps Secrets Management

7 Questions You Should Ask Your PAM Provider

Do I need to purchase multiple products or add-ons to accomplish core PAM tasks?

With senhasegura, everything you need is included with the platform.

If I choose an on-premises option, what type of infrastructure will I need to build out to support the PAM architecture?

The senhasegura solution ships as a virtual appliance or we can provide a physical appliance that runs your entire PAM environment. senhasegura is the most resource-efficient PAM solution on the market.

To achieve High Availability and redundancy, do I need to buy additional software components and maintain them on-premises?

High Availability is part of the core configuration and does not cost extra.

Do I need a physical or virtual machine for every component of the PAM solution (vault, password rotation, web access, session monitoring and proxying, SSH key management, threat analytics, etc.), or can the solution scale up or down depending on my needs?

Everything runs on the virtual (or physical) appliance we provide. No extra virtual or physical machines are needed.

Can I manage the initial implementation and configuration work internally, or do I need to budget for professional services?

No need to shell out extra money, senhasegura PAM can be deployed by internal staff. If you wish, you can take advantage of our expert help, but since the system is so fast to deploy, the cost is low.

Can I manage software updates, including new functionality and security patches, with an internal team, or should I budget for the cost of ongoing professional services?

No need to spend extra money here. Updates are easily deployable by your internal team.

Are all the reporting capabilities I need included, or will I need to pay for professional services or purchase other software to create and share reports?

Absolutely. Key reports are pre-configured, and you can easily create more internally. senhasegura also integrates seamlessly with many third-party reporting tools (such as Splunk) that you may be used to using.

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70% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competitors.
90% higher Time to Value (TTV) with a quick 7-minute deployment.
The Only PAM solution available on the market that covers the entire privileged access lifecycle.