Hard-Coded Passwords

Learn how the senhasegura solution can help your organization manage hard-coded passwords and embedded credentials.

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Why are Hard-Coded Passwords and Embedded Credentials a problem?

Despite decades of commercial computing experience, regular errors still take place. One such mistake involves the use of hardcoded passwords (or embedded passwords) on systems and devices connected to the corporate network. Organizations don’t realize that this makes their data easy targets for malicious intruders.

Embedded passwords pose a significant challenge because they can be present in much of a company’s infrastructure. These passwords can be found in various applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud, in BIOS and other firmware across computers, mobile devices, servers, network equipment like switches and routers, and even IoT devices such as medical equipment.

This creates a vulnerability because cybercriminals could gain knowledge about the router models used by your company, allowing them to test previously leaked passwords. Information security is built in layers, and it's essential to avoid leaving open doors for cybercriminals to exploit.

How does senhasegura help?

Here’s how the senhasegura solution can help your organization manage hard-coded passwords:

The PAM solution connects to the main servers and synchronizes the password change with the database. The application therefore does not lose connection.

The PAM solution connects to the main servers and synchronizes the password change with the database. The application therefore does not lose connection.

The embedded application can access the senhasegura API at any time and receive the updated password of the resource to be accessed.

As a result, this critical data will be inaccessible to all attackers and malicious users.

PAM Core – Managing the complete lifecycle of high-level privileged credentials

Centralized access management ensures maximum protection and control over generic and high-privilege credentials. It offers secure storage, segregates access, and provides full traceability of usage.

When configuring access groups, you can define administrator users who are allowed physical access passwords, plus user groups who can use the solution's remote access for accessing target devices or systems.

Every case can incorporate multi-level approval workflows and include reasons provided by the requesting user for added transparency.

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Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world. Our solution is recommended for companies that:

Have more than 10 users;
Must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations;
Received points of attention in auditing;
Want to implement best security practices;
Need to reduce operating costs;
Have already suffered a security incident.
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Customer Testimonials

"senhasegura is easy to use and has an excellent set of built-in modules to meet our security needs related to user credentials, secrets and tokens. Although we are still using the tool to its full potential, it is in our roadmap to expand its use to protect the CI / CD pipeline and implement DevSecOps, both on-premises and in cloud environments."
Security Analyst - Financial Industry
"We were looking for a solution that could meet our needs for secure and controlled access to infrastructure devices by administrators. In addition, we also needed to properly manage generic and system users. Among the solutions available on the market, we ended up opting mainly for senhasegura, for being the solution that best met our PAM needs, and also with the best adherence to our business."
IT - Manufacturing Industry
"SenhaSegura was essential for the SAP Obsolescence Projects due to the need for the SAP SUM Tool to need controlled information to which the implementing technical teams could not have access an d the solution was provided by an automation developed by the SenhaSegura team, which made the information available from username and password directly in the pop-up of the SUM tool without displaying them, thus meeting our company IT security premises."
IT Associate

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