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What is NCA ECC?

The National Cybersecurity Authority of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (NCA) has instituted Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC) aligned with national decisions, laws, and regulatory mandates.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is an effort by the nation to improve the well-being, economy, and security of society. Its goal is to prepare the country to address artificial intelligence and the challenges of Industry 4.0, keeping up with the accelerated evolution of digital services globally.

To achieve this objective, the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) was created, a specialized sector in digital security, whose function is to meet strategic demands for cybersecurity. Thus, it became possible to develop digital security policies, as well as standards, controls, guidelines, governance structures, and mechanisms.

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How does senhasegura help with NCA ECC compliance?

senhasegura’s PAM solution enables the implementation of strict and more complex controls for privileged credential access in an automated and centralized manner, protecting IT infrastructure against data breaches and potential compliance violations.

Here are the senhasegura solutions that facilitate compliance with the NCA:

Domum: Secures remote access for employees and third parties, providing zero trust-based access to the company’s network without the need for a VPN.

PAM Core: Discovers and centralizes all privileged credentials and creates strong authentication, authorization, and accountability for its uses.

DevOps Secret Management (DSM): Manages secrets across heterogeneous environments to guarantee visible, secure, and granular access to applications.

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GO Endpoint Manager: Prevents privilege abuses in Linux and Windows endpoints by securely controlling privileged credential usage.

PAM Core – Managing the complete lifecycle of high-level privileged credentials

Centralized access management ensures maximum protection and control over generic and high-privilege credentials. It offers secure storage, segregates access, and provides full traceability of usage.

When configuring access groups, you can define administrator users who are allowed physical access passwords, plus user groups who can use the solution's remote access for accessing target devices or systems.

Every case can incorporate multi-level approval workflows and include reasons provided by the requesting user for added transparency.

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Who is it recommended for?

senhasegura is a leading global solution in privileged access management with a mission to eliminate the abuse of privileges in organizations around the world. Our solution is recommended for companies that:

Have more than 10 users;
Must comply with cybersecurity rules and regulations;
Received points of attention in auditing;
Want to implement best security practices;
Need to reduce operating costs;
Have already suffered a security incident.
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A Solution You Can Count On

"The support service offered by senhasegura to the PAM solution has always been fast and efficient. The product meets the requirements of PAM in our organization and allows centralized management of various tasks with full traceability and control. senhasegura also offers its fast and intuitive interface, even for novice users."
Information Security Architect - Manufacturing Industry
"With its simple architecture, the implementation of senhasegura was quick and effortless for our Security and Infrastructure team. The tool offers complete high availability features and the deployment process is flexible, allowing it to be executed in phases. Asset discovery capability is above average, enabling you to correctly size the environment and the required effort. With all these features, senhasegura has enabled the mitigation of business and cybersecurity risks, including auditing of privileged user processes."
IT Infrastructure Coordinator - Transport Industry

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